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cmwinchester 06-27-2012 06:42 PM

Front end whinning then grinding
Hello and thanks to all that respond!
I recently had a whinning noise in my front end when I my suspension would decompress and compress. Like gong over rolling bumps on the highway, that little bounce you get then level out. I changed my front u joint and the noise changed to a grinding noise in the same circumstances. When normal level driving you never hear he noise. Fearing the problem was something bigger I took it to my mechanic. He tells me the it's the front diff, and begins tearing it down. There were some flakes in the bottom of the diff, but he found no problems with anything else. He changed the both hub assemblies and told me it is fixed. After driving it less than a mile I found it wasn't fixed and the noise was still there. So I'm lost. I wonder if it is my cv joint? Could I have messed it up in changing the u joint? To much torque on it maybe, maybe misaligned? I took it back to the mechanic, but my faith and pockets are low. Ever heard of a 126.50 hub assembly? Same Moog assembly at ORielys is 82.99.

Frango100 06-27-2012 07:42 PM

Re: Front end whinning then grinding
Some metal flakes is not a good sign, it came from somewhere. If it was really just a few pieces, its probably not that bad though. When opening the diff, all you can see a re the ring and pinion gear, the bearings you can't see that good and only when they have a lot of play you will discover it.
Why did you change the U-joint, did it have play on it? You could remove the front propeller shaft, drive around a bit and see it the noise changed. If not, you have a good change that a CV joint is bad. But normally whinning comes from the diff.

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