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MR291 06-30-2012 04:51 PM

MOPAR Gas pedal cover install
I have installed the MOPAR brake pedal cover and it took time as everyone says but not too difficult. Just lots of patience.

I am having problems with the gas pedal cover. I have slid the cover onto the pedal with no problem but I am unable to push it down far enough for the locking tabs to engage.

Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution. I don't want to break the pedal itself.


MR291 06-30-2012 05:48 PM

Re: MOPAR Gas pedal cover install
Figured it out.

I just took the pedal assembly off (three nuts) and it slid on easy.

They look great.


captainjunket 07-01-2012 12:22 AM

Re: MOPAR Gas pedal cover install
I wish I read this post a couple of days ago, I broke my Mopar Gas pedal (cheap brittle plastic) and I gave up indiscust on the brake pedal.

Justal13 07-02-2012 11:21 AM

Re: MOPAR Gas pedal cover install
For the brake pedal, I heated it up with a hair dryer to make it pliable - got top and right side on easily - used a wide blade stubby screwdriver to reach behind, over the metal, and lifted small sections of the edge at a time - took about 5 minutes and no skinned knuckles. Do not use soapy water or WD-40 as others have suggested. It just makes a big mess and the pedal slippery, because you are going to need a good grip and I don't see any way around using the screwdriver.

For the gas pedal, I got the "hooks" over the right pedal side - made sure the top and bottom were aligned (it's actually a pretty tight fit) - lined up the tabs on the left side - then used my foot to press the tabs into place while sitting in the drivers seat. Took quite an effort, but that "snap" when it clicked into place was very satisfying.

Hope I never have to take them off for replacement, as I do not think the gas pedal would come off again without the tabs breaking.

John@ATAC 07-23-2012 04:07 PM

Re: MOPAR Gas pedal cover install
I recommend using a mirror and flashlight so you can see the back of the pedal.

Gas pedal - It's critical to get the top and bottom aligned and to get the tabs on the left aligned. Next press the upper "hook" - it popped right on for me (with hand pressure only, no tools). Finally, press the bottom "hook". If the pedal is aligned properly, it should be easy.

Brake pedal - Put the bottom and sides on first (by hand), then work on the top (with a small screw driver). You really need a light and mirror to see what you're doing. It takes a little patience.

Clubby360 07-23-2012 05:24 PM

Re: MOPAR Gas pedal cover install
i left the brake pedal in hot water for 5 minutes and used a pair of vice grips for the gas pedal it took about 10 minutes for the brake and 2 minutes for the gas pedal.

psizzel 01-17-2016 05:23 PM

Re: MOPAR Gas pedal cover install
Here is my story... These things are tough and once you install them I would now even think about taking them off!
1. Take a look at your new pedals and take off the rubber factory brake pedal pad. Don't even think that you will be able to just slide these things on... If you notice the new pedals are sharp on the edges. I recommend a dremel on the edges to knock them down. If you ever drive barefoot or with sandals you will be happy. Also, you will be messing with these things putting them on and you dont want to cut your hands (I did !!!).
2. Starting with the Brake pedal. I recommend you get the rubber to at least room temp (Do not use hot soapy water or wd40!!!). When you install you will start by sliding it on from the bottom and the sides are easy but the top of the pad is the tricky part. At room temp I would cut 7 pieces of 3in black electrical tape. At room temp I would start at the middle and fold the top rubber part up. Tape it to stay and continue this taping to the upper corners on each side. You will prob use all 7 pieces. Now that the top flap is folded up you can easily slide into place. You will still need to use a small to med flat head to get the corners. Get one corner then gently pull out each piece of tape out and then get the second corner.
3. The gas pedal does require some force. I'd start by cleaning the factory brake pedal with with a Clorox wipe or something. Make sure it is lined up and start by pushing together the top and then the bottom. You should be able to do this with hand strength.

Wow they look nice! I hope this helps....

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