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kycoolcat 07-01-2012 05:27 AM

check elec brake system message? please help!
again i ask u guys. has anyone had this problem. my check elec brake system message popped up about a week ago. also abs light and traction control light, but no odd behavior,so continued to drive it. then thurs. it went haywire. ebrake light and check engine light came on and it quit shifting. wont even let me manually shift. after many tries i got it into third and drove it home. read codes the next day and got po501 and po700. i know po700 is just a generic trans code. i changed one of the speed sensors yesterday but nothing changed. i got to work tomorrow and i could really use some help. ive searched it on here but nothing. please help guys.....

Scottina06 07-01-2012 11:05 AM

Re: check elec brake system message? please help!
the po501 is a speed sensor code. Put the new sensor on the other wheel and see what happens. Reset all the codes by pulling the negative cable and pressing the brake pedal a couple times over 15 minutes.

kycoolcat 07-03-2012 09:44 AM

Re: check elec brake system message? please help!
i changed both rear ones scott and took it to a local garage and they reset everything and i pulled out and front brakes kept trying to lock up and all the lights came back on. took it back to garage scanned it and it said the front ones were bad now. but what r the odds all four speed sensors went bad at the same time. i forgot to mention the garage scanned it before he reset everything and it showed all four speed sensors were bad. he said the fronts r built into the hub, but i did find them seperate. r they really hard to get out or something? do u think its the control module instead. and thanks scott for trying to help me out with this.. i appreciate it. i havent been getting alot of replies to my posts on this subject. i guess nobody has had this problem.

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