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Frango100 07-03-2012 02:01 PM

transmission slipping
Hereunder a repeated message which i posted in the WJ section, and hopefully here someone can chime in on it:

Ok, there we go again. After a complete rebuild of my 5-45RFE tranny last year due to a worn OD clutch and 3rd gear lost, now it started to slip in 2nd and also in 5th (and showing P0732 and P0735). The clutch application chart shows me that the problem should be in the 2C holding clutch. The fluid is as black as the night but doesn´t smell burnt and there are a few metal splinters on the bodem of the pan. There is also an aluminum color thin layer on the bodem, which is not magnetic, so should really be aluminum. Does anybody know if there are aluminum plates in the clutch packs, or only steel?
Removed the valve body and did an air pressure test on the clutches, according the service manual. The 4C holding clutch was giving a nice thump when applying the pressure, with a bit of air leakage inside the clutch pack. When doing the same on the 2C clutch, there is no real thump, but a fluid mist appears. So there seems to be a problem with a seal or even the piston. But when i do the same test on the OD clutch port, the air comes out of the UD port, which is directly next to it.:confused: Anybody did this test and can tell me that this is normal?
The CVI for the 2C clutch is 133 and should be between 25 and 85, so confirms a worn C2 clutch. All the other clutches CVI´s are within the limits.
Anybody can give me some more tips on testing, before i start tearing the whole thing down? Anybody did a tranny rebuild himself and can share his experiences? The rebuild manual i already have shows very detailed drawings on how the clutches are build up, only wondering how much the pressure of the piston belleville springs is, because the manual doesn´t show anything about it, also no warnings.
Became a long story and i hope it will not scare you guys. I will make updates now and then with some pictures, to make you guys happy.....:pics:
But at the moment i´m not feeling that happy as the smiling faces above, its more like :mad::mad::mad::mad::slapfight::bash:

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