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JRNYC 07-05-2012 12:00 PM

JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
This is just my personal list of things that are not right with my Jeep for record keeping purposes. I have 9000 plus miles at this time of post. 6 months ownership. 2012 OS Min Grey/saddle 3.6 quadralift..

Night one- right rear suspension creak. Dealer replaced passenger rear shock due to " bad bushing from the factory".

2 months later intermittent squeaking being heard over random bumps. ( cold weather ). weather warmed up and creaking went away.

Creaking and squeaking have returned all sides front and rear.

Suspension has deteriorated to very little "absorbtion" . ( shock / struts feel wishy washy in between the slapping episodes )

Very loose suspension feel, clanking banging. Although clanking and banging is too harsh of a term I dont know how to describe the "loose" suspension feel. Not quite banging but metal on metal sound where you can tell the "nuts and bolts?" that hold things together are loose/damaged.. just as an explanation of the feel.. ( edited added here: Slapping. This is a good term to describe the suspension. )

TPMS sensors are not equal to each other. on an air gauge I can read 34 all around but the TPMS has been off a full 2 psi on at least one or 2 of the sensors. Need to revisit with a proper calibrated air gauge for certainty.. but they are in fact off from each other to some degree as much as 2 psi.

Paint on the entire vehicle is splotchy in light other than the sun. You can see very light splotches where the spray is not even. Some lights and some parts of the car show it more tha others. When the sun is out and you are looking dead on the mettalic sparkle is beautiful and even from the head on view and this uneveness can not be seen so easily.

Passenger rear door has a paint 'pimple" where the paint has "popped" like a pimple exposing the metal underneath a tiny pimpleling effect.

The whole car has the "Orange Peel" effect and is clearly dull at any angle except head on. Even then it is still noticeable.

Passenger rear door jamb has a gathering of paint defect that sticks out like a little dirt mound.

Paint on the hood has chipped off barely noticeable until you run your hand over it.

Passenger side front/rear door needs to be re-aligned as it is slightly off and you can see the line of the jeep does not flow correctly front door to rear door.

Rear power hatch is misaligned and slightly hittting bumper area. small chip in paint noticeable where the main contact is happening.

dashboard leather looks to be very lightly sprayed and has the same splotch effect as the paint on the car. More easily seen in sunlight for the dashboard.

Driver seat starting to wear quickly. No major damage yet as I use a Jeep towel seat cover but very noticeable. I also use the exit level and lower the seat 85% of the times. I use the vehicle back and forth to work, Very light use.

Center Armrest I happened to wipe one spot with water on a soft rag and I removed some color from it. Didnt try rubbing any further after I saw it.

The spray on the different parts of the seats are not all consistent with each other.

Door armrest areas look very lightly sprayed and is not a full finish.

Sunroof ( Pano ), had a weird creaking noise that was not there until recently on last downward pull while closing. No water damage seen yet but the noise is very unsettling. Not a major issue at this point, just a note that it is there.

I think thats it for now, if I think of something that I missed I will update.



7/5/12 driver side door, black wood has crack under the finish, defect from factory, no damage on the clear finish. Minor but once you see it


7/5/12 POI the radio had lost sound through the speakers for both the phone and the radio after using the phone. Randomly for a few times. Fixed itself it seems. Hasnt malfunctioned in 3 months now. Usually a shut down and restart of the engine helped this sympton. At least twice the shut down and restart of the vehicle did not help. Then after one or 2 nore stops and starts she went bak to functioning.


7/5/12 added: a condition that hasnt returned, a few months back while getting ready to go into the car wash, the vehicle raised itself up to the first off road height. It hasnt happened again since..


7/6/12 added: how could I forget.. on take off there is a thud from the rear.. and

on stopping there is a click felt in the steering wheel which is now more feelable after initially feeling it a few months back. Most prominent on a quick stop.


7/6/12 How can I forget the radio locking up intermittently while plugging in iphone. And phone intermittently locking up and not releasing the phone icon..


7/8/12 oh roght the engine whir noise at 60 to 70 mph under slight acceleration/incline.. i dont mind it actually..


8/3/12 adding back hatch glass opening randomly on start ups.

JRNYC 07-05-2012 12:22 PM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
Also going to post in this reply what I like about the Jeep so far.

I have the OR2 package 18 polished rims and michelin latitude tires.... So making some time on the west side hiway at 100 and something street, wet after rain conditons, i pull into the right lane to pass the slower traffic on the left and middle ( that never happens right? :eek: ), my right tires hit a huge body of water maybe 30 - 40 feet long along the edge of the highway that hadn't drained. I was going 60 ish maybe a tad faster, and when the tires caught the water, the feeling of losing control started for a split second but the vehicle driftedor grabbed towards the curb ever so slightly for that instant but then never lost a beat as the other 2 tires came in strong and held the Jeep rock solid.

A Vehicle could have wiped out at that speed and unfortunately i have in the past so I know the feeling.

So the the JEEP came in strong and held its ground and I did not crash or lose control for more than that initial split second where I first entered the undrained water.

Thank You Jeep for that.

Xjrguy 07-05-2012 12:28 PM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
What is Jeep or your dealer doing for you regarding that laundry list of problems?

This is their top of the line off road vehicle. If I had these problems and they weren't my fault I would expect them to get resolved.

JRNYC 07-05-2012 12:35 PM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
I have been sitting on the problems as they have been "progressing" I was about to bring her back for the creaking in the suspension after the first fix, but then the waether went from cold to very warm in like one day in Nj and the squeaking went away. She is at the point now where I am confident that the dealer cannot deny a problem now so I will be bring her back in for service. before I do though I am filing notice under lemon law and probably going to hire a lawyer to do it for me. I believe they are more serious and less run around once a lawyer is involved. I believe it is a requirement also. ( to have chrysler notified )

I hope to have her in the shop by the end of next week. I live in NJ and my dealer is in the Bronx and I work in brooklyn so some symantecs also involved with getting a rental vehicle which my extended warranty will cover only after I pay out of pocket then wait thirty days to get re-inbursed..

JTS97Z28 07-05-2012 12:54 PM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
Whoa, ok was this one made on a Friday before a holiday weekend or something? geez thats crazy. I have almost your exact vehicle except mine is not a Summit and I have the 20" wheels. Cant say I have any of those issues. Sorry to see your experience had to be like that.
Hope you get things straightened out or get a new vehicle or somethin.

JRNYC 07-05-2012 01:45 PM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
Thanks! I havent decided which way to go once/if there will be a replacement.

I love the idea and convenience of the air suspension. But i am very leary now of it. And I am not sure if I would want it again. I have thrown around the idea of a base laredo e or x or whatever,, but I am not sure how it is going toplay out.

Additionally I am very disapointed at my dealer experience and I would not purchase anything from them again. Even though it is my fault in the end they played a game with me and when I went to pick up my true blue 29X package, somebody was driving it away. The salesman then backstepped and told me mine didnt come in yet rofl. It was in fact delivered and they sold it to somebody else before i could pick it up at my scheduled time. The "last" one they had left was this OS and I folded and took it event though it was substantially more money than I wanted to spend. So no I wont let this dealer get another vehicle under their belt at my expense. I payed MSRP minus 1300 for it. And the dealer told me he was and then took the 1000 rebate. My fault, I should have walked away. On top of that I spent 200 dollars getting my car detailed to trade in. Spent 500 restoring the factory system to original and removed my high(er) end stuff. Yeah I got spanked. Partly my fault for doing the right thing and then folding at the end anyway.

So I am a little disgruntled to say the least. I was going for an Infinity FX 35/45 and then walked in to Jeep as I caught made in America fever.

Im sure it will work itself out in the end but a major bummer. And I know others have had worse conditions than me as well.

We will see how Chrysler handles this. I heard they are very fair ( from somebody here who went through this ). Hope they come through. Still have very little faith so far.

JRNYC 07-06-2012 11:03 AM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
So below are just a few shots of the pimple effect on the passengers side door. Will try to get a shot of the other paint defects especially the one on the door jamb.

regardless of ensuing comments about how minor it is, i will not say whether i agree or disagree because of pursuing lemon law soon, but it does in fact show one of the charachteristics of a faulty paint process.

Xjrguy 07-06-2012 11:52 PM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
That's not minor and I wouldn't accept it either.

Good luck with your dealer and Jeep.

armoredsaint 07-07-2012 09:02 AM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
isn't that called a fish eye in the painting industry, caused by not prepping the body and there was left-over oil residue before paint was applied???

SW03ES 07-07-2012 05:48 PM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
That looks more like solvent pop to me...

A fisheye would have always been the OP: Was it like that when you took delivery or has it "popped" over time.

What a pain...hope it all works out.

JRNYC 07-07-2012 07:11 PM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
It popped after 5 months. I have another shot of paint damage that looks like a pimple cluster right above that one but on the inside of the door jamb on the top by the roof . This has to be the same type of defect only I never felt the one that popped. I'm going to try and upload that one now. I just used my cameras zoom feature while replaying the pic and it doesn't look horrible till about 8x and 16x.

JRNYC 07-07-2012 09:02 PM

Re: JRNYC's list of Overland Summit Issues.
Skyward view of top of door jamb

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