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Montag84 07-06-2012 10:01 AM

Solo Performance Catback Exhaust Review
DISCLAIMER: I helped the guys at Solo Performance develop a new catback kit for us SRT8 Jeeps (2006-2010). Really stand up guys and company. I sent them an email on a wim to see if they were going to do anything for us Jeeps since they do stuff for the Charger/300/Challenger guys. Since I'm close to their US operations they took my Jeep, built a test kit with pre-bent tubing, etc. then had me come up to Canada to do a full mandrel bent system. They used my Jeep for R&D to develop the jigs to produce the kits (all mandrel bent, staintless 304, j-pipes, pretty impressive). I got to watch and help with the final build, and even do all the driving on video shoot.

I am getting nothing out of this (other than the time lost with my Jeep being worked on and the discount on the first system) and want to help get the final testing done so you guys can benefit from them become a supporting vendor (which I'm sure they will if you guys show interest).

I'm sure some of you guys have heard their stuff on other platforms--G8, Camaro, LX/LY cars, Ford F150, Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Skyy. If you haven't do some youtube searches.

Anyways, they are looking to get a second test vehicle in here in the Buffalo, NY area or Mississauga, Ontario area (they have shops in both NY and Canada, but do most of the manufacturing across the border) before they officially put the kit to market. PM if your interested and I can share a Youtube video (that I am sure if you guys are clever enough you can find on your own) and give you the contact info.

Here is my $.02 review. I came from a 2006 5.7L 300C with a CAI and JBA 2.5" catback, non resonated before the Jeep.

The sound on Solo's system (honestly no drone) has Borla's bark with Corsa's driveability (man that sounds salesmanish, but honestly the best way to put it).

The system is 3", with a x-pipe style muffler, and j-pipes in place of resonators to tune out drone. J-pipes are amazing, can't believe no one else is really doing them. You cannot even see them from behind the Jeep. They are tucked up. Have to be basically laying on the ground.

My JBA system droned like crazy and highway (even with MDS shut off with the Predator it was still annoying).

Upon start up, the exhaust is surprisingly quiet, it shouldn't piss off the neighbors in the morning (although I wouldn't mind, one of my neighbors is an a**hole). To compare, the 300C was pretty loud on start up and initial idle on cold mornings. It was louder when cold then toned down as it warmed up. The Solo exhaust gets nice an aggressive the warmer the Jeep gets.

When in Autostick mode, the exhaust note is definitely more pronounced within the cabin (to be expected). When left in drive, under normal driving city driving, you hear the exhaust, but it is not invasive. With music on, it is close to stock cabin sound.

Highway, around 2,500 RPMs and 65 MPH there is where most people would say I think that's drone, but its just the exhaust noise. There is no vibrating, humming, or anything else of the nature that people equate with "drone." When maintaining constant throttle, letting off or using cruise and it settles. Anything above 3,500 RPMs and it just screams. Hard upshifts cause it to really bark.

The 3" piping looks great under the truck. No rattles or pinging at all on the drive, and the tips do not push out or otherwise move. The tips are a 4.5" bevelled, angled cut tips. They look great. They are similar to the stock tips (which visually SRT8 got right, but they were just not big enough).

Butt dyno says I've gained some hp and definitely tq. Certain RPMs and speeds at highway it would bog before and now it just goes. I think the Challenger with a fullcatback got around 20 hp/tq when they dyno'd their catback system which is the same setup just not built around an axle like with our exhaust setup.

Here are some pics (I don't have my own video yet) of the fabrication:

Initial setup to be used in the jigs

Again if your interested in being a second tester, PM me, lets get this formally on the market for everyone else to enjoy.

05wkguy 07-14-2012 05:21 PM

Re: Solo Performance Catback Exhaust Review
I've never seen or heard of using J-pipes. Can you give a little more info on how they work?

Montag84 07-15-2012 09:44 AM

Re: Solo Performance Catback Exhaust Review
I am no expert, but here are some resources:

J Pipes are also known as "Helmholtz Chambers"

See post #5

The pipes are "tuneable" in that you can slide them in and out to tune out drone and unwanted/unpleasant resonance from the exhaust tone.

Regular resonators, if cut open, sometimes have what looks like a j-pipe contained inside. Solo's j pipes are less bulky than a chunky resonator, easy to adjust and made with all stainless piping and clamps.

Mustbf8 07-18-2012 07:25 AM

Re: Solo Performance Catback Exhaust Review
System sounds interesting...wish I was closer, but living near Albany, its a 5 hour drive for me to Buffalo. Definitely interested in what comes of their system though.

Mustbf8 07-19-2012 11:24 AM

Re: Solo Performance Catback Exhaust Review
I would drive out if they were to give me a system for my trouble, but 10 hours plus of driving, gas and miles on the beast isnt really worth it otherwise.

Alrighty Then 03-23-2013 11:57 AM

Re: Solo Performance Catback Exhaust Review
This sounds really cool. Do you have a pic of where they placed the j tubes under the jeep and what length they made them?

Montag84 03-23-2013 12:58 PM

Re: Solo Performance Catback Exhaust Review
I have no clue what the length the j-pipes are set at, they were set when they installed and I have never touched 'em or measured 'em. Shoot them an email I don't have a picture of the j-pipe placement, they are tucked up where the spare wheel would of been on a non-SRT.

*sox* 05-17-2015 12:59 PM

Re: Solo Performance Catback Exhaust Review
I have mount this exhaust befor i have mount the borla also i have the magnaflow mide pipes

This are the best ****ing awesome exhaust!!!

Startup awesome sound

Cruising in the city or highway not loud and no dron

But when you put down the gaspedal then are this awesome sound and loud

Best sound ever on e catback like a old muscelcar

The borla s are ever loud and on the highway abd drone many

.........iPhone JeepGarage-App

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