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05quadratrac 12-02-2009 03:38 AM

What kind of payments...
If you guys dont mind me asking what kind of payments would someone be looking at on a new SRT8? Im paying 565 a month right now since I had no trade in and put no money down for a damn 4.7 Laredo, payments are almost up, im thinking if I can get 10k trade-in I should be able to keep my payments around 560. Do SRT's usually go for sticker price?

06HemiLtd 12-02-2009 06:44 AM

Re: What kind of payments...
i saw on jeep's website that they are offering $4000 customer cash and $500 for owner loyalty on the srt8. their incentives often do not apply to the srt8. you could get a nicely equipped srt8 for about $40,000. Take $10,000 off for your trade and you're at $30,000. Add in tax, title, documentation, your interest rate and you're probably somewhere in the $625/month range over 5 years.

Vinnysrt8 12-02-2009 06:59 AM

Re: What kind of payments...
im paying 700 a month i put 5000 down

Scottina06 12-02-2009 07:02 AM

Re: What kind of payments...
I think you could get one for $6-8k off right now

Matt 12-02-2009 07:34 AM

Re: What kind of payments...

TatterTot 12-02-2009 07:58 AM

Re: What kind of payments...
The payments will vary. One person may get one kinda deal and another person will get another kinda payment deal. There are different factors to consider when buying a car. Interest rates pay a huge factor as well.

You also are forgetting something important. You may be able to afford the SRT8, but can you afford the increased insurance? and gas? Don't over do it. If you can't afford a brand new one, then get a 07-08 SRT8.

White WK Swagga 12-02-2009 08:25 AM

Re: What kind of payments...
I put down $2000. and was paying $430. a month for 5 years and 8k balloon. but not w/o the balloon I'm paying $615. for 5 years for 09 limited with Nav 3.7. Sticker was $40k. I got it for $26k + $2500. for extended warranty. (bumper to bumper till 5 years 75k miles)

05quadratrac 12-02-2009 11:22 AM

Re: What kind of payments...
Yeah I figured thanks for the replies, I better wait till I can put a few more K down.

robpp 12-02-2009 11:27 AM

Re: What kind of payments...
if they get desperate, they may give 0% interest. that saves lots of coin.

i pay a flat 500 a month 60 month loan at 0%. I gave them the diff when i got the Jeep. wanted a decent payment. about 5K downpayment.

White WK Swagga 12-02-2009 11:38 AM

Re: What kind of payments...
A lot of times the SRT's don't have as good promo's. I think Jeep now has 0%. But my dealer lowered my so called set apr % for balloon finance thru jeep to make up the difference in the warranty discount for buying the extended warranty.

TheHawk 12-02-2009 12:09 PM

Re: What kind of payments...
TODAY, and I emphasize today, because the incetive plans change. Currently there is a $3000.00 incentive on the SRT8, plus a $500.00 customer loyalty incentive.

Before I took delivery of my 2010 SRT8, it was a $1000.00 customer loyalty incentive, but it changed before the delivery date.

Hope this helps!

pjs1965 12-02-2009 12:49 PM

Re: What kind of payments...
I'm at $542 per month (60 months - 4%) with $12k down on my SRT8.

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