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linenfelserrogdr 07-09-2012 08:38 AM

pinion seal
I have a 2001 wj with the Dana 44a that needs a pinion seal. Anyone done it? Tips? Suggestions?

Frango100 07-09-2012 05:05 PM

Re: pinion seal
I have never done this myself, but here follows the text from the service manual:

(1) Raise and support the vehicle.
(2) Remove wheel and tire assemblies.
(3) Remove rear brake calipers and rotors.
(4) Mark propeller shaft and pinion yoke for
installation reference.
(5) Remove the propeller shaft from the yoke.
(6) Rotate pinion gear three or four times and verify
that pinion rotates smoothly.
(7) Record torque necessary to rotate the pinion
gear with a inch pound dial-type torque wrench.
(8) Using a short piece of pipe and Spanner
Wrench 6958 to hold the pinion yoke and remove pinion
nut and washer (Fig. 30).
(9) Remove pinion companion flange with Remover
C-452 and Flange Wrench C-3281. (Fig. 31)
(10) Remove pinion seal with Remover 7794-A and
a slide hammer (Fig. 32).
(1) Apply a light coating of gear lubricant on the
lip of pinion seal. Install seal with an appropriate in
installer (Fig. 33).
(2) Install yoke on the pinion gear with Installer
C-3718 and Spanner Wrench 6958 (Fig. 34).
(3) Install a
new nut on the pinion gear. Tighten
the nut only enough to remove the shaft end play.

CAUTION: Do not exceed the minimum tightening
torque 298 Nm (220 ft. lbs.) when installing the pinion
yoke retaining nut at this point. Damage to
bearings may result.
(4) Rotate the pinion a minimum of ten times and
verify pinion rotates smoothly. Rotate the pinion
shaft using an inch pound torque wrench. Rotating
torque should be equal to the reading recorded during
removal, plus 0.56 Nm (5 in. lbs.) (Fig. 35).
(5) If rotating torque is low, use Wrench 6958 to
hold the pinion yoke (Fig. 36) and tighten the pinion
shaft nut in 6.8 Nm (5 ft. lbs.) increments until
rotating torque is achieved.
CAUTION: If the maximum tightening torque is
reached prior to reaching the required rotating
torque, the collapsible spacer may have been damaged.
Replace the collapsible spacer.

hoffmanestates 07-10-2012 08:03 AM

dam this is nothing like replacing a seal on. semi.rear end.
drop driveline
remove yoke nut
remove yoke
rip out seal
install seal
install yoke
tighten nut with a preferred 3/4 impact gun like I.r or Snapon
till nut don't spin
install driveline
your done

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