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Jamesla30 07-09-2012 10:14 PM

Compounding Problems? Help! 99 WJ 4.7
Hey guys, trusty ol' bessy has developed some problems over the last couple months and they seem to be getting worse.

1. For a while now (couple years) she has always had the "groaning/tire rub" noise when turning tight at low speed. I've had it looked at and "fixed" several times, but it always remains. I basically gave up on this a while ago and deal with the noise.

2. More recently, just in last couple weeks, there has been a grinding noise coming from the chassis somewhere. It seems to happen just before 1st gear shifts to second, and then at lower speeds/rpms in 2nd gear. If I let off the gas when the noise is happening, it goes away immediately. No noise at idle. It is hard to hear the noise unless I have the windows down and a wall or something next to me while driving so the noise echos off and I can hear it. It is a terrible noise though, sounds like metal on metal and rather fast vibrations. Almost like the muffler is dragging on the ground.

3. Then just today, I am getting a clicking/clunking sound coming from the front end. It happens immediately when I turn the steering to left or right, barely move it at all from center, like 5 degrees or less. So if I shake the wheel back and forth (but not enough to move the wheels) it clunks and clunks. Once I move it past that tiny degree turn, no noise. Its only immediately when turning the wheel. Sounds like something is loose or maybe not greased?

Any help?!! Would like this car to last another 6 months if possible before buying a 2014!!!

01grand 07-09-2012 10:27 PM

Re: Compounding Problems? Help! 99 WJ 4.7
I would check the tie rod ends, ball joints, track bar, and steering stabilizer for the clunk listed as #3. Anything loose there could cause that clunk. The only thing that is grease-able on a stock front end is the upper ball joints, that could potentially be the culprit.

As for #1 it could be the power steering pump, they normally whine/groan a bit when the wheel is cranked all the way. could also be a problem in the steering gear.

Good luck getting it fixed up!

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