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dsi jeep 07-13-2012 06:32 PM

RB1 problem
Hi guys,

I just got back from a long trip. On the way up (4hrs drive) I was using the nav and suddenly I have received a "disk error message". I removed the disk and noticed that the disk was burning hot. I put in regular music cd and it was playing normal, but was also very hot. Next day I tryed the nav again and it was good for about 30 min and than I've received the same error message. When I got back home I've removed the unit and notticed that the case is very hot (burning hot) but the cooling fan runs no more than 3-4 sec at the time and stops. There was atleast 2 min break before starts again for new 3-4 sec run. Is this normal? Does anyone knows how the cooling fan supposed to run? Everything else on the RB1 unit works normal, but I am concern about getting too hot and messing up the nav operation and possibly damaging the electronics.
Good think was that the Jeep ran like a champ!
Thanks in advance!

bumnt 07-16-2012 02:57 PM

Re: RB1 problem
The RB1 fan is supposed to run either anytime there is power to the vehicle (key to RUN) or when the unit is turned on, I can't remember which.

Sounds like the RB1 is overheating. May need to pull it apart and see if the fan bearings are bad.


dsi jeep 07-16-2012 10:17 PM

Re: RB1 problem
Actually there is a thermistor that controls the fan. And the problem to me is with the temp sensor controlling the fan. Over the weekend I have met with friend of mine and we have compared two different rb1 units. His fan with similar case temp almost never stops running. It runs for 15sec than stops for 5-10 sec and kicks again for a new 15sec and again and again. On my unit fan works for like 10-15 sec than stops for almost 45-50 sec than starts again for a new 10-15 sec and again. When we compared the two disks my one was a lot warmer. So for sure my unit has higher inside temp and when driving for hours the disk gets too hot, probably warps and I get the error message. I'm thinking about adding an external fan (like the mini computer fans) over the original one and run it directly from the switched 12V going to the radio. This way the additional fan will run always when the car is running.

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