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eibyer 07-16-2012 01:20 PM

Shocks too stiff?
I've been meaning to post this but I keep forgetting. I noticed with my WK2 that when going over bumps or dips, it feels like I'm being tossed from side to side. I replaced an Isuzu Trooper with lots of miles on it and it didn't feel like that at all. This is my first Jeep so I'm not sure if it's normal.

Eric67 07-17-2012 01:49 PM

Re: Shocks too stiff?
Hi, eibyer.
I have the same...I think; hard ride over small bumps/dips, getting tossed from left to right and an overall shaky feeling when driving on the highway. I blame the air supension, I asume you have QL too ?
GC has been to the dealer 3 times, the resetted the air suspension twice without any improvement. Drove the car with mechanic to explain the problem. Then drove a diesel, which turned out to have the same problem !! The dealer is now trying to fix the diesel ( dealer car) . When they have found the problem (and I hope they do) they will fix mine.
Overall the " driving on a cloud" feeling has disappeared. No problems with raising or lowering the QL, and no errors in the computer. Dealer is now in contact with the Dutch Jeep importer. Air pump has been replaced; NO positive result.
Myself I think it is one or more faulty sensor(s).
If I get any result, I'll keep you informed.


eibyer 07-17-2012 02:21 PM

I forgot to mention that mine is a v6 4x4 Lared E only so no QL stuff. It is just as you described though on small bumps and dips. I don't have the problem with normal driving though, the smooth feeling is still there. I frequent this local bank and their entrance is little bit raised from the road and I get tossed from side to side whenever I pull in there. I have to remind myself to pull in slower than I normally do or go in like a lowered honda and go in sideways haha.

At first I attributed it to the GC being new and I thought maybe the shocks are just not broken it yet. I posted the thread because now I'm curious to see if anybody else out there observed the same thing. I have 4600 miles on it now and still stiff.

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