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fox_hound 07-20-2012 08:43 AM

will the overland headlights fit on the larado?
Hey guys. I may sound totally stupid but ive been trying to do some reseach on the HID upgrades on the non-HID laredo. Ive seen several threads that explain how to either retrofit to projectors or upgrade to HID. I've been looking for about a week to see if the self leveling overland headlights will bolt on where the stock laredo headlights are. (this would be WAY to easy) I personally have NO experience in installing HID or opening the headlight assembly and installing projectors. I have been unable to find any information on if it is possible to do. I would GREATLY appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance guys

JTS97Z28 07-20-2012 09:01 AM

Re: will the overland headlights fit on the larado?
Yes Limited/Overland/SRT8 headlights will bolt onto a Laredo. The auto-level feature will not function because there is plenty more involved elsewhere for that to work. The high beam bi-xenon will also take some custom fabrication if you want those to work, otherwise I think what most guys do is use the inner DRL housing as the high beam since those are the high beams on the Laredo housings. Smart beam high beams obviously wouldn't work since other systems are involved.
Either way just getting the housing installed and working shouldn't be too hard. Looks like nice housings are all over eBay as well for decent prices. I also recommend usings OEM bulbs and ballasts.

gc4x4 07-20-2012 03:30 PM

Re: will the overland headlights fit on the larado?
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Check out scottinas hid thread on the top to see his retrofit,
i also retrofitted the oem hid headlights into my laredo and they work fine, i used quality aftermarket ballasts with a relay kit to get direct power from the battery for the hids and i took two 3157 sockets and hacked a couple of 9005 bulbs until they snapped into the sockets and i have working high beams. I didnt cut any factory wiring at all and the stock headlights can be put back in if need be. The only thing i didnt get to work was the auto leveling and thats because i didnt want to mess with the factory wiring since the jeep is under warranty but you can still manually adjust them just like the halegon headlights.

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