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ralka 07-21-2012 05:02 PM

02 4.7 grand cherokee wont start
I have an 02 grand cherokee (v8) when driving home i thought i felt a misfire but got home without a continuing problem. when i went to start it the next day it cranked but wouldn't start. the codes that i found ( 7 of them) were po455 ,po171. po174,po442.po158,po161, and po0300 i can relate there discriptions if needed but they are basically evap leak large , o2 sensor 2 on bank 2 heater and high voltage, random misfire and bank 1 and 2 lean. the light of course had come on but it ran great until i felt the misfire. any help on where to start would be greatly appreciated

Frango100 07-22-2012 06:11 AM

Re: 02 4.7 grand cherokee wont start
I would start with the basic and see if there is fuel in the fuelrail. On the right hand bank fuel rail there is a schrader valve. Press that one after priming once (ignition on for a few seconds but not trying to start ) and see if fuel under pressure comes out. If yes, at least the fuel pump works. If not, let someone listen at the fuel tank while you switch the ignition in run, the fuel pump should run for 3 secs and shut off. If not, check the fuel pump fuse in the Power Distribution Center under the hood. Let us know how this worked out.

2005JGC 07-23-2012 02:09 AM

Re: 02 4.7 grand cherokee wont start
Yeah, I didnt take the time to look any of those up but I believe the 171 and the 174 may be lean codes along with your multiple cyl misfire, you may have a failing fuel pump (as frank suggested), which will cause the lean codes as its starving for fuel and also the 300 multiple cyl misfire code as it will miss when it doesnt have enough fuel. Good call Frank.

your 455 and 442 are going to be evap leak and purge sys performance (again irrc) relating to the evap system.. likely a leak in a hose in the system, possibly a faulty NVLD pump.

Are you by chance just out of fuel?

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