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ManikinHands 07-22-2012 10:53 AM

Rear Differential Problems!!!
Hey guys,

I just noticed when I got back from the Car Craft Summer Nationals last night that my rear differential was wet on the bottom half of the case. Has anyone else had a differential leak on you? What am I going to need to give this a fresh update and stop the leaking?


dr.lee.baugh 07-22-2012 02:51 PM

Re: Rear Differential Problems!!!
2 Like causes are:

1: Gasket/RTV seal between the case and the housing is leaking. If it looks like it is wet between the seams, this is probably the cause. Simple to fix yourself and it wouldn't cost much to have fixed at a shop. The biggest cost will be the 75W140 gear oil (about $50). If you go off road you could have also hit the diff off some rocks and bent it a little. Also, not a big deal to fix.

2: Rear pinion seal leaking at the propeller shaft. If it looks like it is wet higher up, where the drive shaft enters and is leaking down - this is the likely culprit. Not the easiest job to do yourself (requires special tools and know-how to get the bearing pre-load correct). Looking at around a $200 bill to get this taken care of at a shop.

Depending on how badly it is leaking (gear oil always looks like it is a bigger leak than it is), you'll want to keep an eye on the fluid level until you get it taken care of.

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