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hastenbrucke 07-30-2012 02:52 AM

Burning smell
GJC 2012 LAREDO CRD. Drove off on Sunday fairly quickly from a COLD start. It was about 3 degrees outside. My heaters were set to 19c as it was warm the day before. I immediately got a really strong burning smell coming through the vents. It was bad enough for me pull over and check under the bonnet and the wheels. I was almost like a handbrake left on smell wasnt left on???? It went away quickly but it was a worry!!! Any ideas????
Hastenbrucke Perth W Australia :eek: 07-30-2012 08:14 AM

Re: Burning smell
Have you had a recent oil change? If so, just a little oil dripped on the exhaust will create a burning smell.

hastenbrucke 07-30-2012 10:36 PM

Re: Burning smell
Hi thanks I havent had a 10K service as yet. The smell was more electrical like a heater coil that had dust on it. The heater wasnt on though?? Hasnrt happened since however it was bad enough for me to stop and check we werent on fire??

kevster 07-31-2012 05:51 PM

Re: Burning smell
new rig, so maybe the heater core had some light coating of oil on it from factory and it just burned off when the hot water passed through it..

GSeb213 08-13-2012 02:53 AM

Re: Burning smell
i've had a similar issue with my new 2012 GC CRD. It only happens within 5 mintues of first running it then disappears. However, it does worry me considering it only has 1,400kms on the clock.

Rang Wanneroo Jeep and they said most likely new heater system and should not continue and to keep an eye on it. I have my 1,000kms booked in for 23-Aug-12 and will see what they say after the inspection....

yoda42 08-13-2012 04:35 AM

If you had the climate control on auto then the heater would have kicked in automatically, to reach your 19 set temp
It was probably just the smell of a new heater (some dust or wax etc in the heater core)
Just keep an eye on it it may happen a couple more times while the GC is still new

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Mendo 08-16-2012 12:55 PM

Re: Burning smell
I have the same issue. We've just had 6 month 10,000 km service and it still happens. Didnt notice it through summer so must be something to do with heater core. It's not too bad and goes away. It does smell like a 'new' smell meaning I'm sure it will go away in time.

GlennR 08-16-2012 06:04 PM

Re: Burning smell
I had visible smoke coming from the front end (around the driver side front wheel) at about 3 days old.(Back early June) Similar smell as you guys describe. Lasted about 5 mins and I have had no dramas since. I put it down to a little oil or something on a new part burning off. I wouldn't worry unless it happens again.

GSeb213 08-21-2012 01:03 AM

Re: Burning smell
So, I took my Jeep into the dealership as the smoke and burning smell returned this morning on the way to work.

Turbo exhaust seal (o-ring style not gasket) has ruptured. Small oil leak falling on the turbo manifold, causing the burning smell and smoke from under carriage.
Fine/safe to drive, but smell and smoke may continue, and I’ve been told not to worry about it.
Reason why it happens occasionally is because it still seals, and only now and then drips oil (mainly on cold start-ups as the rubber o-ring hasn’t expanded due to heat).

Waiting for the part to come in to be replaced, but quite a lot of hours to replace due to complexity of engine bay design (right near the firewall – and possibly need to partially lift the engine)....

hastenbrucke 08-22-2012 12:57 AM

Re: Burning smell
Hi..that sounds like it could be the problem with mine. It hasnt happened again since the first time. So maube it was the heater was pretty major as I said in my original post. It caused me to pull over and check for fire. I will get Wanneroo Jeep to check it out for me. $490for a 10,000 km service including fitting tow hook sound right..seemed a bit steep to me $49 for engine flush???
GJC 2012 LAREDO CRD Deep Cherry Red

GSeb213 08-22-2012 03:38 AM

Re: Burning smell
Talk to Ben Vitalich at Wanneroo Jeep.

Mention you think it may be the turbo exhaust seal from reading on forums.
He'll know how to check if it's that or something else.

I was quoted $450 for my first 6 month/10,000kms service, so $490 is not far off....

GSeb213 08-31-2012 12:51 AM

Re: Burning smell
Just got my Jeep back from the turbo exhaust clamp being changed over. It took 3..5 days, and seems like it's all good now in terms of burning smell.

Drove away from the dealership with no problems.

Started it up again at night and the malfunction indicator light (MIL) came on. The MIL is solidly lit and not flashing, so not too concerned at this stage.

I've booked it in for computer check tomorrow morning. I'm hoping it's just an issue related to the turbo clamp being changed, and not a new issue with the engine....

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