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Sean 07-30-2012 06:05 AM

Harmonic noise from engine..
Hi Guys

I have a 2012 GC Overland CRD and I am having a issue and I am looking for some words of advice or wisdom from anyone who possibly may have had this problem.

It is making a harmonic noise from the engine somewhere. I have only done 4000ks and I have had it back to the dealer many times in the past 5 weeks trying to solve this problem.

The noise only occurs while the vehicle is stationary in drive (not park) and is intermittent*
Only when the motor is warm
It's a harmonic noise that winds up and when it gets bad it can be that loud it vibrates through the whole car and sounds like a jet even, and can create some feedback through stero even.

The service department eventually diagnosed it as the ac compressor. They eventually replaced it however it has not fixed the problem.*It is currently at the dealership now (gold coast).

They have now told me that they possibly think it is something to do with the ac gas pressure so they have completely drained the gas and plan on re gassing it in the morning which they are hoping it will fix the problem. Failing that they think maybe the tsa (I think) value.*

I just find it hard to believe that such a horrid noise could come from a pressure problem in ac.*

I am really at the end of my teather with them and of coarse I had planned a two week trip leaving on Thursday off to carnavon gorge.

I really don't know what to do with them, persevere or take it to another dealer. (I have had many other issues with them but I keep giving them the benefit of the doubt) But most of all I just want my JEEP fixed so I can get on loving it!!!!

I have called all the other Jeep dealers in southeast Qld to see if anyone had come across this before with no luck....

Any words of advice or help would be much appreciated.*


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