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DocCat 07-31-2012 07:28 AM

putting luggage up on roof

I have a 2012 Ltd. It has the standard roof rails on top. (not the additional cross hatch bars that can be added). I'm contemplating a family trip.


1. How much weight can be safely put on the roof?
2. Will the standard roof rails with a few Bungee cables do the trick?
3. Any tips/advice/suggestions?

My wife wants to make life easy by just taking her Minivan on the trip. But her car has 84,000 miles and mine has 6,000 so I'm trying to convince her to take mine!

2012 Summit 07-31-2012 07:48 AM

Re: putting luggage up on roof
You would need to add the crossbars.

The crossbars and siderails are designed to carry the
weight on vehicles equipped with a luggage rack. The
load must not exceed 150 lbs (68 kg), and should be
uniformly distributed over the luggage rack crossbars.
NOTE: If not equipped with crossbars, your authorized
dealer can order and install MOPAR crossbars built
specifically for this roof rack system.
Distribute cargo weight evenly on the roof rack crossbars.
The roof rack does not increase the total load carrying
capacity of the vehicle. Be sure the total load of cargo
inside the vehicle plus that on the external rack does not
exceed the maximum vehicle load capacity.

2012 Summit 07-31-2012 07:50 AM

Re: putting luggage up on roof
• To prevent damage to the roof of your vehicle, do
not carry any loads on the roof rack without the
crossbars installed. The load should be secured
and placed on top of the crossbars, not directly on
the roof. If it is necessary to place the load on the
roof, place a blanket or some other protection
between the load and the roof surface.

CAUTION! (Continued)
• To avoid damage to the roof rack and vehicle, do
not exceed the maximum roof rack load capacity of
150 lbs (68 kg). Always distribute heavy loads as
evenly as possible and secure the load appropriately.
• Long loads which extend over the windshield,
such as wood panels or surfboards, or loads with
large frontal area should be secured to both the
front and rear of the vehicle.
• Travel at reduced speeds and turn corners carefully
when carrying large or heavy loads on the
roof rack. Wind forces, due to natural causes or
nearby truck traffic, can add sudden upward lift to
a load. This is especially true on large flat loads
and may result in damage to the cargo or your
Cargo must be securely tied before driving your
vehicle. Improperly secured loads can fly off the
vehicle, particularly at high speeds, resulting in personal
injury or property damage. Follow the roof rack
cautions when carrying cargo on your roof rack.

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