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mcalc55 08-01-2012 09:32 AM

newb questions for a 3.7WK
So I've never really done it myself and have a it silly to invest anything into that engine? I live in NC so there are plenty of places to go and I can't imagine I'd be getting into anything too crazy but I'm (no pun intended) at a fork in the road in terms of my Mods. I haven't done anything to the suspension aside from Sway bars so I think I'd have to remove them but everything else could either go street or lift. You guys might be biased on this section but I'm just looking for advice around the 3.7 really and how doing offroad mods might effect the daily drive and such since its such a weak engine

tfranzone 08-01-2012 11:08 AM

Re: newb questions for a 3.7WK
I think this is something that only you can answer... its personal choice really.
Theres plenty of 3.7s on here that are lifted, just as I'm sure there's people who make their 3.7s more street...
You're gonna be investing money into it either route you go..and youre probably gonna drop a little MPGs as well... do you think that's something youre okay with doing?
If it is, would you like your jeep to be modded for the outdoors and offroading, or more for street performance?
I dont know a lot about going the street route, but I would imagine you would need to invest quite a lot in terms of engine mods to get it up to par, unless you want to have it just look street, but not perform that way...which IMO, i dont see the practicality in that..but like you mentioned.. I may be a little bias. You'll also have your other mods like springs and shocks and struts, tires, wheels and exterior mods.
If you want to go the offroad route.. you'll be investing in a lift, struts, shocks, tires, and any exterior mods you want as well.. and you'll be loosing a little MPGs with bigger tires.. (you'll probably lose em though too with the street route)
After having a toyota corolla handed down to me since I was 17, I decided to buy a jeep as soon as I had the money at 23.. I went the offroad route bc I like the outdoors and wanted to take my jeep where I couldnt go with the corolla and even with the 4.7 v8 in my WK, I lost some MPGs (3 to be exact)..but I'm okay with that.. bc I bought jeep, not another corrolla.

Its ultimately your decision.. based on purely what kind of driving you like to do and your decision if its worth it to pay to add onto what you have now...
do you love your jeep to the point where you know youre gonna have it for some time still and want it a certain way? then do it! however which route you take... or maybe you're looking to trade it soon... maybe you decide not to pour money into it then.. and if you go with another jeep, perhaps decide its more worth it to mod a newer(to you) jeep down the line that is more capable with its base specs..

If you decided to lift your current jeep..overall a good guess on what would happen is.. you'd be dropping $3K and losing 3-5MPGs.. can't really speak for the street jeeps..
I think the great thing about jeeps is their versatility.. if you're gonna mod..decide if its worth investing in the current jeep you own, make it fit your lifestyle and I'm sure you'll be happy.

Good luck:thumbsup:

No One 08-04-2012 08:27 AM

Re: newb questions for a 3.7WK
Jeep Garage member "GCL06" not only has a heavily modified 3.7 V6 WK, he lives in your area. Use the search function to look at his posts to check what he has done and any issues that he has encountered.

jrjeep 08-04-2012 11:45 AM

Re: newb questions for a 3.7WK
I have a 3.7 which im slowly working on to achive the "street look". See, it all depends what you want. Another important factor in deciding whether to mod or not is asking yourself how long do are you planning to keep youre jeep. If you decide to mod it really doesnt matter what engine you have now obviously you dont want to race because you purchased the 3.7 so it just comes down to what you want. Theres alot of us here in the v6 and theres some who have them so freaken awesome that ill take their 3.7 over a hemi or even srt any day. Good luck!

wkthursty 08-05-2012 07:08 PM

Re: newb questions for a 3.7WK
I went off road with my 3.7. 2" lift and 32.5" tall tires dropping 2 mpg. If turning off beaten path is your style go for it. You can go budget build cheap. Daystar lift cheap at $150 and biggger tires. Here's my 3.7 build

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