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MxRacer965 08-02-2012 08:41 AM

Corsa exhaust install questions
Got a couple questions for those of you with the Corsa exhaust. I decided to purchase one from Amazon and got it yesterday. Got it installed in about 2.5 hours from start to finish (stock exhaust was a piece of cake to get off. 25 minutes or so...). Went pretty smooth, but I have questions about torquing the flanges and what sounds like a slight rattle now.

First the flanges, the instructions say to torque to 30 ft-lbs but before I got to 30 ft-lbs it seemed like the flanges were deforming, so I made sure all the nuts were threaded down to about the same amount on all 4 bolts and figured I'd see where that got me. Did any of you have the same experience, and did you continue to 30 ft-lbs? Did a quick test drive last night and I thought I might have a slight leak, and drove to work this AM. Gave it a couple quick stabs at the gas when standing outside the car and seem to have a tick coming from the general vicinity of the flanges so figured I'd torque them down some more this evening but wanted to figure out if I should just keep going until I hit 30 ft-lbs or not, flanges be damned?

Other question is related to what could best be described as a slight rattle on gentle acceleration once the exhaust is good and hot - right off idle and again at around 25-40 MPH. Before then there doesn't seem to be an issue. Would this be indicative of a manufacturing flaw with one of the mufflers or should I look elsewhere? Seems to come from the very back in the cargo area where the mufflers are. Took a stroller out to make sure that wasn't the problem, and I'll also double check the spare tire cavity just to make sure nothing in there is causing any rattles now that the exhaust is a tad louder and has a bit of a low pitched rumble to it that could contribute to rattles. Clearances under the vehicle seemed fine, though the passenger side axle pipe has a little less clearance than the drivers. Figured with an aftermarket exhaust I couldn't expect factory fit so I wasn't concerned. The passenger side muffler did have a deformed spot (flat spot) when I opened the package but it isn't visible since it faces the underside of the vehicle so I wasn't upset about it, but if that could have caused any internal welds to break and the expansion from getting hot allows just enough internal clearance for anything to rattle, I'll reach out to Corsa to see about a replacement.

Thanks in advance for any feedback I get!

MxRacer965 08-02-2012 09:01 PM

Re: Corsa exhaust install questions
Crawling around under the car again tonight and confirmed a slight leak by the drivers side flange. Wrapped the flange with a towel to confirm it. I proceeded to try adjusting, thinking maybe I wasn't getting a good seal. After a couple times adjusting I actually felt around the junction and felt no exhaust. BEHIND the Corsa flange I felt exhaust though so I'm assuming there must be a bad weld. Guess I'll find out how good or bad Corsa support is.

Think the rattle is also the drivers side muffler hanger up in the bumper area. There's very little clearance so I think occasionally the exhaust vibrates enough to touch the body of the car. Only thing I can think of after looking at things more closely with daylight (last nights install was done via trouble light at the end. Fun stuff). Since I have to dismantle the entire system now I guess I'll hold off on adjusting...

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