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mikeyj922 08-02-2012 01:28 PM

shift solenoid A malfunction
My 2003 jeep Grand Charokee Laredo freedom edition with the 4.7L H.O. isnt shifting into od... The dummy light code reads P0750 shift solenoid A malfunction anyone one ever drop the tranny pan and valve body and replaced one could give me some tips?

Frango100 08-02-2012 08:04 PM

Re: shift solenoid A malfunction
Welcome to the garage.
There is one solenoid block mounted on top of the valve body, which has 6 clutch control solenoids and 1 pressure control solenoid. There are also several pressure switches in there for monitoring function and some normal switches, like the reverse lights switch. This unti is normally changed completely and i donīt think that you can find separate solenoids. I bought mine at
Your jeep most probably still has the (original) black connector solenoid pack, but that one is not fabricated anymore. They only make the better white plug solenoid pack, which is interchangeable with the black plug. You only also have to change the modified TRS selector plate to make it work.
It is not difficult to do this job yourself if you have moderate mechanics experience. You have to lower the pan, then remove all 6 bolts (8mm heads) which holds the valve body to the transmission. Now you can easily remove the solenoid block from the valve body with i believe 15 bolts . The TRS selector plate needs a torqX bit, number 20 or 25, not sure anymore, to be removed.
When you have the valve body on your work bench, then its a good time to install a Transgo shift kit. Just ordered myself the Transgo reprogramming kit, which seems to be a little bit more complete, but needs transmission removal to install some parts on the oil pump (but some guys just install the valve body parts and eventually the line pressure sensor resistor and call it the day). Since i have my tranny on the workbench already, this was the perfect timing for the shiftkit. Under the general WJ threads we wrote some about why to use this shift kit.

01grand 08-03-2012 11:14 AM

Re: shift solenoid A malfunction
Fairly easy to do yourself, search for threads by Frango100 and me and you will find plenty of info on swapping the shift solenoid.

mikeyj922 08-03-2012 01:06 PM

Re: shift solenoid A malfunction
At NAPA they have the replacement solenoid for $114 and they say its the part that matches up to the dummy code.. I'm pretty good with mechanical ability but have had limited granny experience. I appricate the advice thanks

01grand 08-03-2012 01:22 PM

Re: shift solenoid A malfunction
Check this out:

stashgto 08-03-2012 02:35 PM

Re: shift solenoid A malfunction
You can do it just be careful to re-torque the valve body to the proper specs in inch lb. and transmissions like cleanliness. it might take you 3-4 hrs. being careful, and clean.

mikeyj922 08-03-2012 09:46 PM

Re: shift solenoid A malfunction
Well money being the issue I got the shift solenoid that the dummy light code called for both filters and a gasket kit I'm waiting on a chilton manual I appricate all the advice Im going to give it a try tomorrow any other advice is appricated and thanks again for all the tips

Frango100 08-04-2012 12:26 PM

Re: shift solenoid A malfunction
Eventhough you can use a gasket for the tranny pan, i have not such good experience with it. After time it created a small leak. Originally its sealed with RTV and for me its the only way to go. It gives a bit more work, especially to remove the RTV the next time, but when well applied, it will never leak.
Not so sure about the Chilton manual, it seems to be not that good as the original Jeep service manual. You can probably download it from a site for a few bucks. just google it.
For the round spin-on cooler return filter you probably need some spanner to get it loose. I remember the first time i had to remove it, that i couldn't turn it by hand.
Important thing to remember when reinstalling the oval pump inlet filter, is to install the filterneck seal first into the pump inlet, with the help of a butt end of a hammer (for example) and then install the filterneck into it. When you try to install the seal when its already mounted on the filter, it will not seat properly and you have a big change it will come loose one day and the pump will loose its prime and the tranny will not work anymore and can be damaged.
Be sure you got the right oval pump inlet filter, because the 4x4 and 4x2 are different and you will only find this out at the moment you want to close the tranny pan (it will just simply not fit, the pan doesn't do i know this:o)
You will also need approx 8 qts of ATF+4 automatic transmission fluid.

tomm 08-18-2012 04:34 PM

Re: shift solenoid A malfunction
good info code p0750 thanks din,t even have to ask what r how

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