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shirziy 08-04-2012 02:37 PM

HID retrofit on the 70th
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This is my first HID retrofit ever. I had to dremel the lens to open the headlight. Baking in the oven didnít work for me. The projector is mounted using metal epoxy. Lens is sealed back using clear RTV silicon. So will see how everything holds up with time. All HID parts are from the retrofit,

Projector: FX-R Stage III
Ballasts: Morimoto 3Five (35w)
Bulbs: Morimoto 3Five 6000K D2S
Shrouds: Gatling Gun
Wire Harnesses: Standalone Canbus
Hi-beam splitter hernesses: 2

I will take some night pictures and post when I have time. I spent about $320 from theretrofit site and ~$40 for epoxies and RTV silicon. I worked it took me the whole week to finish it

jaxkxx 08-04-2012 04:04 PM

Nicely done!!

Chaoul1 08-04-2012 06:27 PM

Re: HID retrofit on the 70th
Really cool! Where in VA are you from?

shirziy 08-04-2012 11:04 PM

I am from Centreville.

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Scottina06 08-04-2012 11:16 PM

Re: HID retrofit on the 70th
nice work!

BF07 08-05-2012 07:45 AM

Re: HID retrofit on the 70th
Very well done! The FX-R projector is hands down, one of the cleanest bi-xenon kit they have available. How did overall fitment go for everything?

I will be requesting cutoff pics asap!

JTS97Z28 08-05-2012 08:11 AM

Re: HID retrofit on the 70th
Looks VERY good!!! Nice work. Yeah that sucks that these headlights will not come apart with the baking method. So like you did cutting the lens off is the only option. I think pretty much all Chrysler headlights are like that.

How did aiming and everything go? That's one of the most difficult parts of a retro fit is getting the projectors perfectly horizontal and center as well. Nothing is worse then a slanted cutoff line.

You just improved the entire look of the front of your Jeep significantly!

shirziy 08-05-2012 11:47 AM

Re: HID retrofit on the 70th
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Fitting: I had to cut the whole h11 bulb holder for fx-r to fit. I also cut more than 3/4 of the inner clippers of the guttling gun shrouds, cut the top and bottom and the projector went right in. The projector doesn't touch the headlight lens. So I still can use the stock adjustments for vertical aiming.

I used a 4 min metal epoxy for aiming. I had to hold the lights in the car and aim them. I made a mistake of not bolting in the car and aim them. After sealing the lens and bolt them in the car the right side came off by 5 degrees counter clockwise, as you can see in the pictures below. I am ok with it for now. I will fix it if something else goes wrong. The jeep is about 5 feet from the wall in these pictures.

The first top picture is for the left side only, the second for the righ side only and the rest for both.

BF07 08-05-2012 05:46 PM

Re: HID retrofit on the 70th
When I was messing around with the FX-R's on my previous retrofit I hacked up a large part of my light. The key part is fitting everything inside the light.

Looks like your passenger side light bulb isn't seated correctly. The bulb may only go in one way, however, sometimes the bulb sits in a little awkward. Try removing it and putting it back on to remove that dead space.

JTS9, unfortunately most manufacturers are using a seal called "perma-seal". Since headlights melt at a fairly low temperature, it's nearly impossible to make the seal soft before the headlight melts.

shirziy 08-05-2012 09:53 PM

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Final cutoff after fixing the right bulb.

billybrun 08-06-2012 09:20 AM

Re: HID retrofit on the 70th
Very nice. It was fun cutting that lens open, wasn't it?

I just took my headlamps back off a few days ago to reseal them, seal the bulb area, and add an extra breathing port at the bottom of the housing. Keep an eye out for a little condensation on rainy days, you might need an extra breathing port too. I'll update the other thread with pics.


shirziy 08-06-2012 11:50 AM

Re: HID retrofit on the 70th
Cutting the lens was way fun than struggling with the permaseal. I did seal the bulb area. I figured since the lights didn't come with vents so may be I shouldn't have any breathing ports.
They still have to go through rain. So we'll see. I might consider breathing ports if i get any condensation.

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