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MattMassacre 08-06-2012 08:10 PM

08 Overland MyGig Audio Problems guy here.

I'm having problems with the audio in my JEEP but I'm not sure what the diagnosis would be. About 4 months ago my sound started cutting out and crackling intermittently, then all of a sudden has died. I haven't had any audio through my speakers since April. The MyGig unit itself still works and shows music playing and navigation, just without any audio. If the volume is turned up to it's maximum, a faint white noise can still be heard.

I have checked fuses and have verified that i can still hear audio and video through the Bluetooth headsets provided with the rear VES system. So would that mean that my actual speakers may be shot? maybe an Amplifier problem? I've also considered maybe a harness or a connector of some sort may have come loose from the unit itself but I haven't a clue. I'm not exactly a mechanic and have been avoiding going to the dealer so far in fear of a huge bill, so I figured I would ask the experts first.

Hopefully somebody has some insight.
Thank You!

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