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Duff Daddy 08-08-2012 06:30 PM

07 Grand Vibration
In the past 60 days I purchased an 07 Grand Chrerokee with a Hemi. Since delivery I have noticed a cyclical vibration, distorted with throttle input, and mostly noticeable after 60 mph, but most apparent after 70mph. Working for chrysler for hte past 7 years I had an idea what was up. I told the guy, he had me take it to his "guy" i said fine. His "guy" thought it was pinion related, I knew 100% it wasnt but wasn't about to open my mount because if he did remove the covers I knew I would at least be getting a free diff service out of it :evil: I made the appt with him and he had it for 2 days and came to the conclusion that it wasn't bad enough and his chassis ears (over diagnosis on his part) couldnt pick it up. I said fine and took it back. Called the dealer I got the car from a few more times and he sent me to another "guy" today. We went or a ride, he felt the vibration and concluded that it was driveline related (not wheel tire but more of trans/drive shaft relation, precisely what I thought it was). He took it in and dropped the rear shaft to find the rear joint "sticky". If anyone on here has ever felt teh rear shaft they do feel sticky, they do but they all do. This is due to the lack of pinion angle which creates very little movement from the caps like on a wrangler or pick up truck. So he looks and said well looks like you cant service this, he will have to decide what he wants to do.

Now mind you I already looked up both front and rear shafts I can get the front for just about 300, and the rear about 800 .... they list for 5xx and 12xx respectively. What should I do... let him find his own and put it in OR offer to buy it at my cost (ill bump it up a few dollar) and let him pay me back.....

Hes played me a little on this and I dont feel bad making a big stink about this only because this will tow my car trailer and race car from New Jersey back up to Mass and I need this Jeep to be perfect.




SteelBlueWK 04-19-2013 02:33 PM

Re: 07 Grand Vibration
Did you ever get this vibration resolved? What was the fix?

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