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mangoe 08-09-2012 12:22 AM

SRT 8 Jeep Alpine & Vapor editions better bargain
I still got my 1995 orvis edition Jeep here in Canada planning to replace it in the near future with a brand new SUV,I went to the Mercedes Benz dealer looking at top of the line SUV,the ML AMG,and new GL 63 AMG,the G 63 AMG they all cost over $100,000.00.

And I see post here with people bitching about the price of the Jeep SRT,I think for what you get with these Jeeps it is a bargain command start you cannot get that from the factory on MB,you get heated cooled seat,heated steering wheel,and much more for under $100,000.00 I think that is really cheap compare to the imports,I like that white Alpine Jeep but according to Milous post it is only available in the USA,I bought a brand new summer car MB e550 cabriolet in 2011 for $97,000.00.

In beginning of this video you will see my 1995 orvis edition green jeep in the background in the garage that I would like to replace with a possibly white Alpine SRT to match the white car.

vivamosaic 10-11-2012 08:37 AM

Re: SRT 8 Jeep Alpine & Vapor editions better bargain
Your point is well taken on the price comparison between SRT8 and the MB. The angst that I and I suspect others have is that I once owned a 2007 SRT8 that I purchased new for $44,000. I owned that vehicle for 5 1/2 years and 30,000 miles and recently sold it for $32,000 or 73% of the purchase price. Last month I ordered a 2013 SRT8 Alpine at a price of $65,000. I have driven a 2012 SRT8 and would not have made the purchase if I felt it was not worth the price but I cant see myself driving the 2013 for 5+ years and selling it for almost three quarters of the purchase price. Though I may have complained about the purchase price back in 2007 turns out that vehicle may have been the bargain of a lifetime.

AsianRiderSRT8 11-26-2012 01:40 PM

Re: SRT 8 Jeep Alpine & Vapor editions better bargain
It all depends on what you're looking for obviously...Jeep people are Jeep people

K_SRT8 12-24-2012 01:32 PM

Re: SRT 8 Jeep Alpine & Vapor editions better bargain
E550 coupe for 97k ? Thats S class money man. maybe you ordered "Designo" exterior and interior package?
For the G63 you can't compare the Jeep to that car, The G is a hand made car and it is in different class. Also it is a rare car.
The ML63 is expenssive yes but you know it comes with a more superior engine and tranny, better interior also and it is much faster. I know the SRT is a great car and I own one but the fact is that the ML63 is a better car despite the higher price tag.
I just don't know why Chrysler did not purchased a new tranny for their SRT cars, why are they waiting for the 2014 midcycle refresh? I don't know what were they thinking when they released their new SRTs with their old tranny unlike other manufactures which they update their trannies every time the release a newer model? Also another point is the infotainment system which looks a generation or two behind? They need to be more innovative.
The 2014 will come with an 8 speed tranny and new 8.4 screen yes but it is too late.

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