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scooter98tj 08-13-2012 07:19 PM

Ball Joint Help/Suggestions!Camber...
Hello all,

First off I have searched and searched post after post and have found some good info but still have some questions that need an answer. I have 2000 WJ Limited with a 3" IRO lift. The Jeep drives great with no pulling or wandering at all but I am getting some feathering tire wear on just the outside of my front passenger tire. I have had an alignment done and you can see that the camber is negative -0.90 and and factory specs should be -0.37. I know that negative camber(leaning in towards engine) usually gives inside tire wear but I am thinking that it is not that bad for inner wear but just enough lean on the outside that it is causing the outside wear. I could just keep the tires rotated every 1000 miles or so but would like to avoid that if possible. I know that I can install a upper offset ball joint set at +0.50 camber and be close enough to factory spec. I have checked my factory ball joints which have no play and are in good shape.


I was wondering if anyone would know how I could tell if my factory upper ball joint might already be an offset ball joint installed from factory as I have heard that some front axle housings were out of spec when built?? I cleaned the top of the ball joint off and found a part# stamped that did not bring anything up in a Google search...

Also my upper passenger and driver ball joint have a different number stamped into them. Passenger #30249 Driver#40329

I am concerned that if I already have an offset ball joint with unknown setting and put in a new offset ball joint and set it to +0.50 camber I might not be doing the right thing??

Any Help/Suggestins would be greatly appreciated:thumbsup:



Passenger Side

Driver Side

2005JGC 08-14-2012 01:25 AM

Re: Ball Joint Help/Suggestions!Camber...
I could be wrong but those REALLY dont look factory to me, I dont have a wj to look at but going by memory they are not offset like that. also did you get your toe set? I see according to the printout it wasnt touched (before and after is the same)

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