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padgett 08-13-2012 09:31 PM

On H11 Headlights
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When I found my Heep uses H11 low beams I though that was great, a 55w bulb instead of the usual 37.5 and did seem quite bright. Until I put in SilverStar Ultras.

When changing I was surprised to find the originals were Osram (Sylvania) but marked differently from the SSUs. Stock was an H11 (64211L+) and the SSUs were H11C (62411SU). Both 55w.

But not the same. In exchange for a shorter life (note: the H6054Ss I put in a Reatta in 2001 are still much brighter than stock) you get a somewhat brighter/whiter light.

According to several sources the L+ (LongLife) is rated at 1350 lumens and the SSUs, 1750. compared together (SSU in driver's side and L+ in passenger), the SSU is noticably whiter and the L+ has a slightly yellow tinge.

Apparently there is yet another level in an H11, the Night Breaker at 1790 lumens but to get much better (and not quite legal in the US) you need to trim a 65w H9 to fit the socket.

padgett 08-14-2012 12:36 PM

Re: On H11 Headlights
And looks like I will only have one for now, passenger side will not twist out (is like it is glued in). Tried through the wheelwell (NG) and from the top but even cusioned with a cloth (and no room for a tool) it will not twist (and yes, am twisting the same way as on the driver's side, checked). Seems to move just a few thousandths and jams.

Jeep_addicted 08-14-2012 03:19 PM

Re: On H11 Headlights
Sorry to hear you are having trouble. My swap went trouble free back in december.

I bought the silver star ZXE bulbs and I am pleased with them but not sure where to look for the lumen information.

The added light output does make a difference.

I think that is why the few people that have put in Xenon capsule and amazed by the light output.

I have been tempted to raise my headlights to gain some range but for now I am just letting them be.

My previous car had Valeo bixenons and I and not thrilled with the light out put. The Grand cherokee has the same.

I am doing my homework on how to open these VALEO headlight assemblies so I can add my own xenon projectors without fresnel lenses.

VALEO seems to use some ridiculous permaseal on all its headlight and owners of other brands and baking them and prying them open so it should be possible.

They can't be that hard to open if the Oracle is selling kits for LX platform cars so there must me a way to open them

Some say 275F for 20 minutes while some say 325F for only 7 minutes I just need to see ifI can get it open and then I will order the retro fit kit for another set of used OEM headlights.

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