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kgingerich 08-14-2012 09:35 AM

WJ cv boot issue
Hello all, an interesting situation with my CV boot which i have heard of mentioned only once before on jeep forum without much response. I have replaced both front CV axle shafts on my WJ about a yr ago. (w/o vai lok) These are from Napa with lifetime warranty. The passenger side is perfect. However the driver side there is an issue. The rubber of the boot extends slightly into the axle tube and as you can guess split the boot immediately after some driving. The OEM (splicer I believe) does not rub on the axle tube and was not even split when i replaced it, but starting to dry rot and I believe creak a bit which promped my replacement. I have returned the first axle shaft back to Napa and had it replaced with identical part thinking maybe I had a boot which was improperly installed to begin with. I installed brand new shaft and got same result. Now i have driven about 5k miles on this shaft with perfect performance but the boot is torn and i was just thinking i will have it replaced once it starts clicking and repeat the process. (PIA) Or I could pull the boot off spare OEM shaft re pack and go with new boot, Or buy entire new unit from new supplier. Napa will not refund my purchase (over 1 yr ago) but will continue to replace my axle shaft. What should I do, seems as though i have a lifetime supply of axle shafts which will continue to split, I want this done once and for all. Its just a pain. Ideas?

kgingerich 08-14-2012 03:01 PM

Re: WJ cv boot issue
For those of you who have replaced driver side CV axle please respond with brand, part number so I have an idea of exactly which CV axle will not rub on the axle tube. Has anyone used the Napa ones and had successful results IE: without the boot rubbing the axle tube? Thanks all who reply, please include any thoughts or ideas.

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