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Ike_Keel 08-16-2012 01:07 PM

wanting to replace tweeters
(might be a newbie question) .... I have an 2012 overland and want to replace the tweeters up front and possibly replace the rear overhead speakers with tweeters/crossovers to add a little more treble on top of the overly powerful bass... should the doors pop right off with a trim stick and a little brute force and pop right back in? I am very familiar with taking on and off toyota door panels if anyone else is and if so is it kind of similar?

kkreit01 08-16-2012 04:14 PM

Re: wanting to replace tweeters
If you have "overly powerful bass", you better check your EQ settings. Your the first I've heard of complaining of too much bass. The Bass/Treble/Mid can easily be adjusted via the built-in EQ. You can easily replace the center 3.5" dash speaker, and obtain much clearer highs. That's what I started with. The OE speakers just suck, and sound muddy. They have gotten worse in 2 years. My '09 Aspen Alpine system sounded better. It didn't have the sub, and only had 276W. I looked at those Alpine mids, and they were pretty beefy for OE.

RageOfFury 08-17-2012 05:40 PM

Re: wanting to replace tweeters
I replaced the tweeters in mine as part of a completed audio overhaul. Swapped out the stock OEMs for 1" Alpine's.

You have to take the whole door panel off. Once that's done you can remove the window trim where the tweeter resides.

fox_hound 08-23-2012 05:24 PM

Re: wanting to replace tweeters
Yes the door panels will pop off with a little force. There are approx 15 christmas tree type chips that hold the door on, plus the bolt and screw in the door handle, and the screw in the small coin pocket. You can check rage's or my page, bc we have posted on this already w/ pics. i have taken all the doors apart and its easy when you know exactly where to apply force. The tweeters are the only thing i have not changed yet. If you have any questions ill try to help where i can.

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