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Martyp 08-16-2012 04:57 PM

Question about the Alternator
Hey all,

Right here is the deal. There is a guy at my work whose brother owns a bodyshop who just recently purchased a franchise in a product called 'Cosmichrome'.

See the YT video below for a demo of the stuff

Pretty nifty huh?

Anyway, my A/C clutch went and took the compressor spline with it. So I have a recon'd A/C compressor sitting here. Now I thought about getting it done in chrome as above, and as the alternator sits right next to this part at the top of the motor I thought it would look pretty daft without getting it done too...

So I purchased a used alternator off eBay for 30 notes, so began the act of dismantling it. I got the pulley and most of the back components off but it doesn't want to pry apart.

I stopped by at my local shop on the way home tonight and the mechanic said it is do able (remove 4 screws - one of which I rounded, it is TIGHT!) and use a gear puller to separate the casing.

Problem is, I'm not sure if I'm going to totally bust it in the process or if it will go back together again so I have two backup options.

1. Get another alternator - the eBay guy has 4 left - and give it to them to dismantle.

2. Get another and ask the body shop to tape up as much as possible. This worries me slightly, I mean I know it gets wet when washing the engine bay but the above process uses a lot of water - will it be destroyed in the process?

What would you recommend I do. Bearing in mind the alternator currently on my Jeep is in perfect condition so I'd assume they could just swap the parts over from one case to the other?

TIA, never done anything like this before and sorry for the long winded post. :o

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