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myronsad 08-19-2012 11:17 AM

Driver seat is stuck rearward
I have 2004 Overland that automatically moves forward and rearward when unlocking and locking the vehicle. The seat is stuck all the way back, will not also move when using the switch. The seat can move up and down and tilt. Can the seat be adjusted manually to access the rear 2 bolt seats?

cheapjeep 08-19-2012 08:45 PM

Re: Driver seat is stuck rearward
Sounds like the motor is fried. You may still be able to get to the rear bolts with a box end wrench but it will be difficult to break them loose. I do know that the fore/aft motor is the one at the very front of the seat bottom.If you raise your seat the whole way up you can kind of get a little access to it.There are 2 speedometer cable looking things running 1 to each track. Maybe there is a quick way to unhook them,slide the seat up and reattach them for now.I don't know for sure but at least you can check the wiring connections or try giving the motor a smack. Maybe you"ll get lucky.You could then disable the easy entry/exit feature in the evic. After seeing this I think I'm going to turn mine off. Good luck bud. Also you might try shooting 2005GC a pm. He is a certified Mopar tech and might be able to help.

paulschott 08-20-2012 06:50 PM

Re: Driver seat is stuck rearward
I just had trouble with my laredo front seat, It was stuck all the way forward.
After about 15 min of driving it back and forward it started moving a little at a time. When It was stuck, you could hear the motor trying to run. Since it started to move I dosed the whole thing with WD40. Now when it moves it goes click, click with every revolution of the gear. I think they have a problem with junk getting in the track or gears breaking. It's working now and I'll disect it if it stops again. Just this past week my passanger seat was stuck with the rear all the way up. The gear driven screw had jambed in this position. I had to remove the seat to fix this problem. The hardest part of the fix was figuring out the harness disconnect. There is a little orange plastic lock that needs to be released before pushing the release button on the plug.

myronsad 08-26-2012 05:19 PM

Re: Driver seat is stuck rearward
Thank you for the reply. After tracing and checking the connections and gave up for the day. Next day, for some unknown reason the power seat started to move again.

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