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attilahooper 08-20-2012 03:03 PM

SRT8 alignment spec for WK on Eibachs n Bilsteins ?
06 WK hemi on Eibach springs and firm Bilsteins, about 30k miles of use. New front Nitto Motivos. The NT420s wore out hella quick, and I wanted something more all-weather for the fronts this time. The 420s sucked ass in anything more than light snow and slush.

I'm using a new alignment shop that has all the goodies, road force balancer etc. Their machine provides preset alignment specs, they do not do custom stuff so they don't want or can't conjure a custom align spec.

So, are the SRT8 specs about right for this ride ? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't see the wheel/tire subforum before posting. Move if necessary.

Scottina06 08-20-2012 04:14 PM

Re: SRT8 alignment spec for WK on Eibachs n Bilsteins ?
which eibachs and which bilsteins?

FYI-any all season is not gonna be very good ion heavy snow, ice etc......especially wide, low profile 20" tires. I have the 420's and they are awesome! But I dont drive them in heavy, heavy snow. The most we get here in KY is light snow.

brentwoodkris 08-20-2012 04:35 PM

Re: SRT8 alignment spec for WK on Eibachs n Bilsteins ?
Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor tires are probably the best "all-weather" tires that I've ever had. They're wearing perfectly even (after rotations every 6k) and have a huge amount of tread while providing a ride at least as comfortable as OEM. Loss of MPG was about 1 MPG due to the high tread profile. The Kevlar absorbs a bunch of road noise and makes for a quiet ride. Lastly, the rubber rim protectors are a must for any urban warrior that hits potholes and the occasional curb to protect those bling'd rims!

BTW, in terms of my "all-weather" experiences, here in MO, they got me to school driving along my roads that had 8-10" of snow on most roads last winter. They handled like a champ and I only ever lost traction when I was driving too quick for the snow + heavy ass Jeep equation to balance lol.

Provided that the tire can be had in the size you need, I'd HIGHLY recommend them. Also, see the rebate that Goodyear is always offering on purchases of 2/4 tires ;)

attilahooper 08-20-2012 05:05 PM

Re: SRT8 alignment spec for WK on Eibachs n Bilsteins ?
Firstly, the 1.5" drop Eibachs and the expensive bilsteins. lolz. The SRT8s, right ?

Secondly, I shod my 17" rims with Hakkapellita SUV5 studdeds. I drive to Canuckistan for Xmas holidays, skiing, and general wooping it up, and my days of fish-tailing in the RWD chevys is over. I swap em when I get up there, in the mother-in-laws heated garage. :D Hehehe, with a few beers and whatever else I can pound after the 8 hr drive...

Now, the 420s were pretty bad in built-up snow. Tremendous understeer and plowing. Light slush was ok, it could channnel that crap out. I am hoping to get a smidge more directional control with the Motivos.

Another thing I noticed with the 420s, dunno if it was because they were worn completely out, but I started to get a huge jounce or bounce out of them when cornering over bumps. Hard to explain, but, it felt as if the front Adco bar had too much spring rate for the bilstein's rebound damping....

Threads without pics suck, don't they.....

Thanks for taking care of the thread move to the subforum, and thanks for any quick advice on the align spec. Gotta hit them tomorrow morning.

attilahooper 08-22-2012 08:48 AM

Re: SRT8 alignment spec for WK on Eibachs n Bilsteins ?
Here are the numbers I ended with:
Camber: Left -0.4 Right -0.6
Toe: Left 0.07 Right 0.05
Steer Ahead 0.01

-.4 -.3
.13 -.09
Thrust Angle 0.11

Surprising how much the rear toe varies and front toe is practically zero. Well, I'm going for a long drive so I'll see how she feels. BTW, I ditched the eibach adjustable upper BJs. They rotted out in a couple years, they coulda broke at any moment. Garbage.

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