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Laredo2006 08-23-2012 01:24 AM

Questions regrading SRT sway bar links and tire change
2 questions folks.

I had my rear sway bar links replaced by moog ones last month and now I'm banging my head for not having gone with SRT ones. I'm thinking of changing the front ones now as well as the front bushings. Would you put Moog ones since the rear have those or would you put front SRT ones anyways?

I'm thinking stock bushings as well since they are rubber and not polytherane like moog/raybestos ones and have read they provide a comfier ride. I also do not do any offloading atm. Mileage on my wk 2006 4.7 4wd is around 115k.

I need to change my shocks/struts as well, should I also change the end links, just had a front upper right control arm changed as well. Can someone tell me what order to proceed in and which parts to change?

Also, if I switch from stock 235/65/17 tires to 245/65/17 ones do they need to reprogram anything?

Which tires are better for mpg by the way?

Sorry for all the questions, neglected the jeep for a while and need to take care of it pronto.

bobharly 10-05-2012 01:24 AM

Re: Questions regrading SRT sway bar links and tire change
Looks like 4 questions...

Sway links? Did you lower your jeep? Why do you want srt8 swaylinks?

Rubber is low maintenance and comfy. Polyurethane is performance for the street and needs lubrication or it squeaks.

I select my order based on need first (replace broken stuff first) and cost second. I was gonna do swaybars, links and bushings first, but a deal on springs and struts fell in my lap. So I'm doing those first. Sorry, no real logic here.

I switched my tires from 245/60/18 to 255/55/18's. Same overall height, no problem. More grip, steering was slightly stiffer, but got used to it fast. Your selection will be a bit taller. Generally, larger tires reduce acceleration, mpg and braking. However, most tire stores say +1 size is OK? And lots of people put MUCH bigger tires on jeeps all the time. So...?! Your speedo and odometer will understate your speed and mileage by a small percentage, so a reprogram might be needed if you are concerned.

Boring regular tires that last like 60000 miles, like the forturas that the jeep came with are good for mpg. Go to and look up what fits and read the user reviews. Honestly, how you drive affects mpg more than the rubber though. And the correct tire pressure can be very useful too.

Hopefully this is of some help. Even if is six weeks after your original post... ;)

Laredo2006 10-09-2012 08:49 AM

Re: Questions regrading SRT sway bar links and tire change
Actually, it did help, thx. So if someone were to put srt sway links, he would need to lower his jeep?

bobharly 10-09-2012 11:48 PM

Re: Questions regrading SRT sway bar links and tire change
THe srt sway bar links are shorter and mount to an extra triangular metal piece. THese are meant for use with the srt sway bar and a lowered jeep. If you at stock height or even lifted, these are not recommended. Use stock sway bar links, they are much cheaper and work fine. In fact if you read the sticky suspension thread on this topic, someguys who lower their jeeps don't even bother with the srt sway links, they just keep using the stock ones. I haven't lowered my jeep yet or tried the swaybar upgrade, so I am just going on consensus of opinions here.

SvenskaJeepGuy 10-11-2012 07:26 PM

Re: Questions regrading SRT sway bar links and tire change
The srt front links are exactly the same and the rear are shorter and use the triangle mount. It is not necessary to use srt links to have srt sway bars

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