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JTS97Z28 08-24-2012 06:12 PM

Towing questions. First time towing looking for some input.
Hey guys had a couple questions about towing. Just for fun I plan on picking up a relatively inexpensive project car that is 100% drive-able, but to save from having to drag out my wife and one year old to drop me off to get the car I can rent a Uhaul trailer and get the car myself using my new 2012 Overland V6. Its not that far im only going from the Chicago area to Milwaukee area and back.
So after doing some internet research it seems like Uhaul has a couple nice vehicle trailers for very reasonable prices. The vehicle I would be purchasing is RWD so can anyone recommend which trailer I can use? I assume the full vehicle trailer would be best and probably safer than having just the front wheels hooked up.
As far as towing what else will I need if I do end up getting the Uhaul trailer? Hitch ball? any electrical stuff? or does that come with the trailer?

Lastly, will I be safe towing a 4,000lb car from Milwaukee to the Chicago suburbs? My vehicle is a 2012 Overland V6 4wd.

Thanks for any help, I figure this could be a good chance to take advantage of my new Jeep without having to stick my wife and 1 year old in a car for a few hours.


kensil 08-24-2012 11:45 PM

Re: Towing questions. First time towing looking for some input.
Sounds like a good project. The WK2 is a good tow vehicle. I have used a WK and a WK2 (both with 5.7L) to tow a 4,000lb Airstream around the western states (CA, OR, WA, NV, UT, AZ). I suspect a tow-dolly would be the easiest in your situation. Based on WK2 specs, the max. towing weight of the 3.6L is 5,000lb. Therefore, a 4,000lb. car + trailer would be near the max. Also, depending on the type of trailer used, lights, extra mirrors, brake contoller, and/or weight distribution hitch may be required. I don't have experience with tow dollys, but I understand they may be operated with less stringent rquirements. I suggest you contact the rental company for guidancea and local state requirements.

Good luck,
~ Ken

Escape 08-24-2012 11:58 PM

Re: Towing questions. First time towing looking for some input.
If it's a RWD. Put the rear wheels on the dolly or get a flat bed trailer (best option).

After all is said and done it might be cheaper to just have a company get it for you.

Jim_in_PA 08-25-2012 02:55 PM

Re: Towing questions. First time towing looking for some input.
U-Haul flat beds often have surge/inertial braking systems, so you probably don't need a controller, but you will need a hitch and ball. (Probably 2", but check with the U-Haul folks) The hitch will need the proper amount of "drop" so that the trailer is level so also ask them what the correct hitch hight is for the trailer in question. I know I need a 4" drop with my Summit to match the same height I had with a 2" lift on my previous vehicle which rode lower. It's important that the combined weight of the trailer and the weight of the load not exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle, too.

Actually, there is a thread here from a few weeks ago where a member used a U-Haul flatbed to transport another vehicle with his WK2. (I don't recall if he had the V6 or the V8 at this point)

JTS97Z28 08-25-2012 03:08 PM

Re: Towing questions. First time towing looking for some input.
Thanks for all the input. I spoke with the person at my local Uhaul and they were surprisingly very helpful over the phone. They said that they also have any wiring adapter I may need and the ball if I prefer to just rent those as well.
I knew from the beginning that towing this particular vehicle using Uhaul's flatbed car trailer was going to be very close if not exceeding my Overland V6's towing capacity. I may have over estimated the vehicles curb weight, but everything online states it to be between 3,500 to 3,600lb's. Its a 1993 Thunderbird SC with manual tranny. Uhaul said they cannot legally rent me a trailer if it is not within spec, and they ran my setup through their computers and it said approved. So I know this will be testing the limits of my Jeep, but my route is 100% flat and only a little over 100 miles.

Prior to purchasing my Overland I did not realize how useful this SUV really would be. Since I have purchased it I have been able to move things that I would have never been able to do without having to go rent some truck. This thing has been great so far!!

ColdCase 08-25-2012 03:53 PM

Re: Towing questions. First time towing looking for some input.
Those Uhaul trailers are relatively heavy, not the best but OK. You can rent the stuff at UHaul and as you've noticed always seem to be helpful but conservative. The average ball height (top of ball) is 18 inches, Uhaul won't let you tow with anything higher than 25 inches. Their trailers will plug right into the WK2 trailer connectors. They like a 2 inch ball rated for at least 3000ibs but 1 7/8 will also work and easier to hitch. If you ever want to unhitch, you will want to have a jack to lift the trailer off the ball and some blocking to put under the tongue. Block the trailer wheels so they don't move. You will find the uhaul trailers usually rattle like heck (if they have a surge brake mechanism).

I think they list the trailer weights on their web site, so if its like 1000 pounds and your car is 3500, thats a total weight of 4500 which is within the WK2 V6 5000 pound limit.

Its hard to get cars that sit low to the ground on the Uhaul trailers. Don't go over 55, keep an eye on where the trailer wheels are within your lane (side mirrors) as they can easily be over the lane lines without you noticing.

You be having fun on the adventure.

Oh and don't be late returning the trailer.

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