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94j33pGch3rok33 08-24-2012 08:10 PM

1994 ZJ Grand Cherokee Laredo Work
I am looking to do some body and under carriage work on my jeep this fall. I have only done regular/yearly service on my baby so far. I have made a list of what I'm thinking of, now I am new to these areas so please be kind.

Here's what I'm looking at so far:

1. Shocks/Springs:
  • Remove rear springs, replace with front springs and buy new front springs. My motive for this is to get about a 2 inch lift. I was told I could either get spacers for the springs already on there or remove/replace back w/ front and buy new front. I know I am doing shocks up front, rear were replaced this spring.
2. Track Bar:
  • I have heard it's better to get the adjustable option. Because I haven't done this before, I would like to get some input from other people regarding this. I am not quite sure how a track bar works so I would love about ideas and/or first hand experience.
3. Louvers: (please click to see example)
  • There is one set of two louvers on each side. As one can see in the picture, my reason for this is to paint one. Not sure, but one has lost almost all paint and the other has nothing wrong. I would like the get the right side white again. I use O'Reilly's for most of my items, my husband works there so I can use his account and save money.
  • The only set back is trying to find the right color. If anyone has used paints for white jeeps around this age, please let me know what paint number it is. They have most done by major brand names, but because she's just turned 18, I don't know how much the sun makes an impact. Yes, she's white, but I would like to get as close as possible without buying all white colors and going from there.
  • If anyone knows how to get them off... I have looked very close inside and out of the vehicle. There doesn't seem to be a way to get them off without taking off multiple body parts. Any easier way to get to them would be great.
Please keep in mind, this is my daily driver. I would like to keep jobs down to a weekend at the longest. Now, I do have ways to get to work/college with my husband/coworkers, but wouldn't want to use a lot of time doing that. I will be on most of this coming weekend, feel free to message me with as much information as possible including brand names so I can look up prices and avalibility. I am a college student paying for self so my money isn't abundant. Thanks a bunch to everyone! I look forward to using this site for future jobs!

cheapjeep 08-25-2012 07:39 AM

Re: 1994 ZJ Grand Cherokee Laredo Work
The front to rear swap is the most cost effective and will give you if I remember right 3" of lift.If it was me I would buy 3" springs for the front and not mess with spacers.The ZJ uses track bars front and rear so you will need 2 adjustable track bars annd the bad news is you are going to have to replace your new shocks with extended shocks for the lift. As far as the paint it is most likely bright white(paint code PW7) You can double check this by looking at the sticker on the driver side door.

VistaCruiser 08-28-2012 06:30 PM

Re: 1994 ZJ Grand Cherokee Laredo Work
Front to rear swap got me 3.5" (V8,ltd.) in the rear. Track bars, adjustable is best (front & rear, JKS is beefy), old school remedy was to re-drill the hole 1/2"-5/8" over. Maybe weld a washer on for peace of mind. The track bar attaches to the frame/axle and centers the axle under the rig. Also keeps the steering tight. Most wandering/death wobble is caused by a worn trackbar bushing/mount. HTH.


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