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DannyVtCa 08-25-2012 10:02 AM

Exhaust Dilemma
So currently, I have a magnaflow 24'' muffler, 3'' in/out. I made new mid pipes with new flanges to mate up to the SRT8 manifolds, but salvaged the old cats... I used flowmaster 2.5'' 409 SS pipes. I have the exhaust running into a magnaflow y pipe.

Here is the dilemma, my Jeep is still too loud. Doesn't pass the wife test. I have two flowmaster hushpower resonators... 2.5'' in/out... on hand from a failed exhaust build centering around the magnaflow SRT8 mid pipes.

I could chop off the y pipe and install the resonators after the cats, and then get another y pipe for $30... so it would be cats, resonators, y pipe, then muffler. Would this pass california emissions? Would this screw up the effectivness of the cats?

Or, should I just bite the bullet and buy another 12'' muffler of some kind and install it after the muffler and call it done. Moving soon the the golden state and don't want any surprises at the emissions testing station.

4.whoa 08-25-2012 02:59 PM

Re: Exhaust Dilemma
you could try putting a resonator in the stock location.
as far as inspection goes ,as long as you have the cats ,it's not throwing codes ,it passes the sniffer ,and exits behind the passenger compartment you should be fine.

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