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CaptRB 08-25-2012 09:41 PM

MPG V8 - 2nd update
It's been a couple of weeks now with the new Overland V8 and I've got a solid handle on the MPG for anyone who's interested.

6 Hours of driving at 75 mph average using cruise control = 22.7 MPG

Return trip at same average speed = 23.1 MPG

Average around town MPG 16.7 MPG after 3 days.

Highest MPG was on a 4 hour drive at 69 MPH average = 24 MPG

Worst MPG over 5 hour drive was 19 mpg no cruise control and some driving in the mid 80 MPG range. The V8 feels like it's sleeping at 90 MPG.

Speeds and averages were confirmed using a Garmin handheld which never varied from what the Overland's NAV was saying.
I've found these reports from the Jeeps system to be reasonably accurate based on the amount of fuel I put in. My friend's Overland with the V6 does not do much better, but he admits he pushes the engine harder because he's used to the V8 power in his previous GC. He says he has done 26 MPG on a long trip, two tanks. The V6 will work harder than the V8 depending on the driver, so to get the MPG benefit means paying attention to how you drive. For a majority of drivers of think the MPG difference is fairly small.
If you leave the Fuel Economy gauge active over a week or two you start to get a feel of how to maximize efficiency by using the Jeep's considerable momentum to save fuel. Doing so has not effected my arrival times by more than a minute or two! :thumbsup:


rchung813 08-25-2012 10:18 PM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update
I can't get close to your numbers when I drove for 6-7 hours. I just averaged about 20mpg on my V8. My speeds did vary since some towns that I drove through had limits between 55 and 65mph. I typically drove between 65 to just under 75mph, just following traffic. The only thing I can think of why my numbers can't be achieved, I drove in the north east, upper NY, where there are a lot of large hills I go through.

Also city driving I get a weak 12-14mpg. Ugh on the mpg, but yeah on the power!

Bw, jealous of your performance!

Doc_d 08-25-2012 10:47 PM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update
Yup... I'm amazed by the fuel economy. I really tortured myself over the v8 vs v6 decision. But I'm averaging 18 - 19 mpg in 50/50 mixed city highway driving. My max was 26.4 mpg on a highway trip.

I have a friend with a v6 and he gets maybe 3 mpg better in the city but seems to do about the same or slightly worse on the freeway.

I have no regrets going with the hemi! The liberty I came from was lucky to get 16 mpg on a good day downhill with a tailwind.

Pillbucket 08-26-2012 06:52 AM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update
We took an almost 600 mile round trip yesterday, there were storms around so wind was a factor. I used the cruise set on 78-79 MPH in a 75 zone and averaged 20.0 according to the EVIC. I have been hoping to increase the MPG on the highway but so far that is about all I can get.

Jim_in_PA 08-26-2012 07:06 AM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update
I'm getting similar results to you for both highway and local driving...about 22mpg highway and 16mpg local. We're in a rural area, so there isn't a lot of stop and go. Very pleased so far.

PECo 08-26-2012 12:26 PM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update
The EVIC obviously calculates fuel economy using a moving average, not a cumulative average. What is the length of the interval that it uses (e.g., the last 1,000 miles)?

2012 Summit 08-26-2012 01:09 PM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update
I would think the moving average is indeed cumulative until you reset the EVIC. Therefore, the length of the interval that it uses is determined by the frequency of the user resetting the EVIC.

Vivid 08-27-2012 09:23 AM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update
I have two neighbors with the V8. They are both seeing 12-13 mpg on mixed driving.

NHman 08-27-2012 10:02 AM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update
Best observed through manual calc, 18.6 on highway and 14.1 in city. For the highway speed was kept at 74 mph using CC. Use only mid-grade fuel.

neiltb 08-27-2012 10:07 AM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update
I have found that the biggest variable in any fuel economy test is the weight of the operators right foot.

Easily seeing 20+ highway, mid teens in the city.

perfectlyfrank 08-27-2012 11:27 AM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update

Originally Posted by Vivid (Post 675582)
I have two neighbors with the V8. They are both seeing 12-13 mpg on mixed driving.

That's right where I'm at. I think I'm literally at 12.6 right now. The best I've managed on a 3 hour highway trip with 19. I must admit that I've got a bit of a lead foot. ;)

Doc_d 08-27-2012 12:55 PM

Re: MPG V8 - 2nd update

Originally Posted by Vivid (Post 675582)
I have two neighbors with the V8. They are both seeing 12-13 mpg on mixed driving.

Chicago traffic would cause a Prius to get 12 mpg too! :lol:

I once sat in a hotel parking lot for over an hour because traffic was backed up into the lot. I've been to NYC and I think Chicago traffic is worse.

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