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djluski 08-26-2012 06:58 AM

Alignment After 2" Lift...Problems
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So recently I had a 2" BB lift installed in my 01 WJ. I "cheaped out" but not really. I put in new Moog coil springs, Skyjacker Nitros +2" shocks. At the same time, i also installed new rims: ProComp Series 98 with 4.25" backspacing as opposed to the stock 6". I am running the stock tires 245/70-16. I also have a Monroe Magnum steering stabilizer in the front.

Now for the problem(s): After I did the lift, I noticed it pulled to the left just a little bit. To solve this, I took it to Firestone for a tire rotation and wheel alignment. This was my first mistake! They aligned my wheels...and then my truck started to pull to the right. My truck also acquired a "death wobble" around 35mph. It was so bad, i thought i was going to lose control of my truck! Under that speed, nothing was noticeable.

When I spoke to the techs at firestone, they told me I changed the whole geometry of my jeep's front suspension and driveline. They further said they could not solve the death wobble they caused and were not comfortable working on it. I do not know how they are in business!

Pissed off, I took it back to my regular mechanic. Within 5 minutes they figured out the death wobble was due to an unevenly worn tire that was now on the leading side of my jeep instead of lagging. When they reversed the rotation, they cured the death wobble.

I still cannot figure out how to get the wheels straight again and not pull to the right (now that Firestone worked on it). Will this be a life-long problem now? How do I fix this? What Parts am I missing?

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fibs 08-26-2012 11:12 PM

Re: Alignment After 2" Lift...Problems
start with getting new tires. firestone didnt cause your deathwobble. deathwobble is caused by worn out shit and improper steering and driveline angles. so start figuring out whats worn out and start from there

djluski 08-27-2012 09:40 PM

Re: Alignment After 2" Lift...Problems
i have two worn tires and two new tires. the worn tires happen to be on the front when the death wobble occurred. i am switching the worn ones to the rear. i will see if that does anything. i have heard the mounting holes for the track bar can wear out or become egg-shaped. is there any truth to this?

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