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99GCL_Dal_TX 08-27-2012 01:42 AM

Mechanics Special

This is my 1st Jeep. Its a 1999 Grand Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4 4.7V8. with 205,xxx miles on it. I just recently bought it from an auction knowing that it had a blown gasket.

If you are wondering why I bought it in that condition. Here's why.

Well, I really liked this Jeep. My mom has an 05' Grand Cherokee (I6) that I have worked on a little and I like the way it looks and drives.

I also have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT with a 4.7V8 with 211,xxx miles on it that I have already taken the engine out of it because one of rod bearings failed and spun on the crank shaft.

I know the heads from my truck are in good condition and I'm thinking that I can use one engine to fix the other one.

Let me pause and say that I am not a mechanic. But with some expert instruction, time and the right tools. I believe I can get the job done...... I have a friend helping me with doing this and he's pretty good and knowledgeable but a little busy at times.

So, here's where I'm at now. After comparing the parts that I had from both motors. We decided to use the block from the Jeep and the heads from the Ram. The block on the Ram was in worse condition than the Jeeps and the heads from the Ram were in better condition than the Jeeps heads. I also needed to change two of the pistons that were on the Jeep with better ones that were from the Ram.

I bought new gaskets for the timing cover and the oil pan and pump and bought the upper engine gasket set. Also bought head bolts. I Cleaned all the parts that I could clean. De-glazed one cylinder that needed it. Put the pistons in and put the heads back on (following the bolt tightening pattern) and exhaust valves back on.

So now the most challenging part, the timing chain installation. And thats where I'm at now.

After researching this procedure. It is a pretty intense task and I really need to get it right the 1st time.

I have read the instruction on how to do this a several times and I know what I need to do but it looks like I need to order the special tools to do it. It looks like there's three of them S.T. 8514, 8515, 6958 and some adapter pins 8346.

I know some of you out there have done this and I know this is a difficult task. If you have any suggestions from where the best place to order the tools, to tips, suggestions, comments, advise. Any and all are welcome.

Thanks for reading.

Update**** I was able to get the timing chains back on correctly without the special tools by using zip ties like another person posted. That worked well.... But I still need to tighten the cam sprockets. I'm not in possession of special tool 6958 to hold the sprocket and cam while torquing the bolts down so I am going to make one or find something locally that will work because I don't want to spend $100.00 on it and I don't want to wait for it to be shipped to me.

I'll keep you posted.

hoffmanestates 08-29-2012 06:03 PM

what.I did on my rebuild. is I used my dad and channel locks on the cam while he holds it. I torque it. and make sure the tensioners on chain are primed as they will slop skip and bang

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2KWJ* 09-01-2012 12:25 AM

Re: Mechanics Special
i used vice grips to hold the cams while torquing the cam bolts. I used two on both sides opposite to each other. I wrapped the cam with a shop rag to prevent damage to the cams and kept them away from the cam lobes..

hoffmanestates 09-01-2012 07:22 AM

bingo.....good job

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99GCL_Dal_TX 09-05-2012 06:06 AM

Re: Mechanics Special
Thanks Guys. I did that too. I used channel locks on the cam and I also made a little tool that did the same job as the special tool and it worked out fine.

When you say make sure that the tensioners are primed. What exactly do you mean. I already have the engine back together but haven't started it yet. I broke a bolt tightening the oil pan to specs. (ahhhhhhh!!!!). So I had to get an angle drill and some left hand drill bits to get the little guy out of there. I'll be doing that today. I haven't put the radiator back in yet so If I need to go back in I will.


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