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Laredo2006 08-29-2012 08:22 AM

Powerstop Rotors/Thermoquiet Pads/Daily Driver
Hi there,

I'm looking to buy Powerstop Cross Drilled Rotors and Wagner Thermoquiet Pads for my stock 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4wd 4.7. Am I making a good decision as a daily driver? My dealership has also asked to service my brakes for 109$..I also want to paint the Calipers red with some g2 epoxy paint but not sure how to make the Jeep letters white.. The middle part behind my stock wheels is completely rusted, what is this part called? A wheel hub? Drum? I would like to change that part too if it's not the rotor? In what order would you get all this done?

Ps. Do I need to buy/replace any other brake parts to get all this done? Calipers, lines, etc

GratefulDeadWK 08-29-2012 09:09 AM

Re: Powerstop Rotors/Thermoquiet Pads/Daily Driver
That brake setup sounds more then adequate for a daily. I daily my 05 3.7 and its not that bad, I'm content with the gas mileage and all and its a good daily for me, gets me around, gets me over things(lol), has plenty of room, its a good looking SUV so I would say yes.

What does the $109 service include, if its pads and rotors for the front that's a great deal! Parts alone are porb around that price. As far as painting goes your gonna have to do some prep like masking and then doing the red and then doing the letters by hand prob.

The middle part is part of the rotor and that is normal so no worries there. It just one of those parts that stays rusted when its old but doesn't mean it has gone bad. New rotors will fix that. As far as changing it I would only do so if the part in question is actually in need of fixing. And please for the love of --- don't paint that area lol. To answer your question the part that would need to be replaced where you see that rust would be the rotor. Its the hat portion I believe you are talking about and since our rotors are once piece hat and disc you just get new ones. Have you sourced parts online? There are many places that have grate prices if you can wait a few days to get.

Laredo2006 08-29-2012 10:17 AM

Re: Powerstop Rotors/Thermoquiet Pads/Daily Driver
Hey there, ok as far as the brake servicing, it's due because it's making a weird clicking type of noise when I press on the brakes, so they are going to do some servicing on some brake linings, etc.

So as far as parts go, you think I just need to buy 4 pads and 4 rotors? You sure that's all lol?

I will take some pictures of what my brakes/wheels look like because I'm confused a bit.

Next to the calipers, there is some part that is heavily rusted as well.

Would you change the wheel hub too by the way?

Thank you.

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