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tiler607 09-03-2012 06:13 AM

42RE Auto Box
Sad Story i had the Box in my WJ rebuilt 30000 ks ago i now have a whine commencing at 40k ,very loud at 80ks and just audible at 100k more pronounce under acceleration. i thought first it was rear diff which is a d44a open diff so i changed it, removed front shaft to check the d35 but the noise remains. I am just hopping maybe i have missed something and the whine is in the front Diff I should add the noise level is getting worst far more noticeable in O/D I would be gratefull for any observation thanks

Frango100 09-03-2012 08:50 AM

Re: 42RE Auto Box
Noises can be very difficult to pinpoint. Do you hear a difference in the noise when the tranny shifts? If it would be only depending on the speed, it could be something with the T-case or a front wheel bearing.

tiler607 09-04-2012 04:51 AM

Re: 42RE Auto Box
Thanks for your reply I looked at some of your posts and noted your suggestion to change the T/C oil which i have done, I put the jeep up on the hoist and ran up to 80ks and the wine was very clear so i would assume that would eliminate wheel bearings noise and front diff noise so i have booked into auto shop for their opinion. Is their any way to increase the strength of a 42 RE any views, I hope your rebiuld is going well regards paul

Frango100 09-04-2012 06:49 AM

Re: 42RE Auto Box
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How does the transmission fluid look like? Fluid level is ok?
Does your T-case have the position Neutral? If so, do you still hear the whine when its in N? When the jeep was on the hoist and you ran it, could you hear better where the noise was coming from?
My transmission was rebuild last year and the "specialist" had mounted a clutchpack wrongly. Didnīt make any noises, but the fluid color changed rapidly from the normal red to grey and even black after some time.
I donīt know the 42RE from inside, but i donīt think that you can make it any stronger then it already is. There are several bearings inside the transmission, but i donīt know if they will start making a whining sound. Those bearings are in a closed environment with lots of lubricant around and hardly show any wear. In the rear housing are some large ball bearings, which maybe could be a cause of whining, but first you have to be sure that its really coming from the transmission and not from the T-case. When you changed the T-case fluid, how was the fluid looking? No metal flakes on the magnetic plug?

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