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jeremyc653 09-04-2012 11:19 AM

? on audio
So I would like to get a navi unit for my 05 limited I would also like to hook up my iphone to it for talking and playing music. Also I read something about the new units have to external A/V inputs I would like that for if I decided to install cameras ( front and rear )

JMLoughrey 09-04-2012 03:21 PM

Re: ? on audio
Look at a Kenwood, higher excelon series sounds like the features you are looking for.

jeremyc653 09-04-2012 04:28 PM

Re: ? on audio
Will I still be able to Use steering wheel controls?

jeremyc653 09-04-2012 04:32 PM

Re: ? on audio
never mind I read about it but didn't see a price..... Sounds expensive

eibyer 09-04-2012 04:36 PM

Re: ? on audio
They have harnesses to keep the steering wheel controls but I'm not sure about Uconnect (not sure if WK has it?). Check out to get an idea of what you will need as far as accessories you need with your choice of head unit.

JMLoughrey 09-07-2012 11:11 AM

Re: ? on audio
Parts alone for the WK will run roughly $300-$500 (depending if you source them yourself or pay a shop full mark up)

going off rough amazon pricing, youre looking about $60 for the harness, $10 for the antenna adapter, $12 for the dash kit and $60 for the steering wheel control module. You'll need the dash bezel from a WK with Nav which will run you about $125 on ebay. Total is about $300 going that route, in just parts, still doesnt include your nav radio.

I can tell you if you came to the shop i used to work at you'd be looking about $200 in labor to install the nav system and steering wheel controls, Back up camera would be about $85 and front camera would be about $75. So ball park that at another $350 in labor alone.

You're at about $625 in parts and labor without even buying a stereo yet.

Keep in mind, ipod adapters, satallite radio all those parts are extra in parts and extra in labor.

stashgto 09-07-2012 11:16 AM

Re: ? on audio
I just saw this for sale from a member swingtwerps
FS: Kenwood Double Din NAV + Jeep Components

JMLoughrey 09-07-2012 01:57 PM

Re: ? on audio
Very fair price on that item.

stashgto 09-07-2012 07:28 PM

Re: ? on audio

Originally Posted by JMLoughrey (Post 680581)
Very fair price on that item.

I thought you might like that:)

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