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attilahooper 09-06-2012 12:09 PM

How to clean Navteq laser head
typical problem; nav DVD won't read. Over 6 years the unit was slowly becoming difficult to boot and had the occasional "can't read dvd error", or some such . If someone could chime-in with the exact error that would help search on the forum.

Anyhoo, a brand new dual layer dvd didn't help. A cleaning disc didn't do shit either. My unit (wife's btw) finally pooped the bed and I decided to spelunk on down.

- eject your nav DVD.

- remove unit

- remove plate on lower back of unit, I believe the plate was 5 small philips screws. The bottom 1/3rd is the nav DVD reader.

- Old guys - get your glasses. And a magnifying glass ;) I needed both :(
- position a good flashlight or small flood to peer into the back of the DVD.

It is helpful to have everything positioned on a table and held in place. Unless you are an octopus you won't be able to handle the light, the nav unit, the magnifier and the cleaning tool all at once.

- My cleaning tool consisted of a short length of metal coat hangar wire with a small piece of lintless tissue held in place with tape. It must be very thin because the space allowed to insert this cleaning wand is very tight. A Qtip would not make it without getting ripped apart, perhaps a special electrical contact cleaning qtip would work. But be mindful you do not want to leave lint.

- I applied a liberal amount of ispropyl alcohol to the tissue and gently massaged the optical head. Did that twice and once more with a dry tissue.
- EDIT: I forgot to add. I used a can of spray air (keyboard cleaner or similar) before attacking the laser head with alcohol.

This is what you are looking for, from wikipedia, optical drive lens

Reassemble and you should be good.

2005JGC 09-06-2012 11:28 PM

Re: How to clean Navteq laser head
SSSSooooooo, great writeup, but how did it work for you? haha

attilahooper 09-07-2012 06:30 AM

Re: How to clean Navteq laser head
So far so good, wife used it for about 50 miles.

The unit wasn't hardly dusty at all. I'm suspecting some kind of greasy buildup. Perhaps the interior cleaner spray the car wash uses ? In the past, a fresh copy of the DVD would fix it. As of yesterday it wouldn't read any disc. After this douching procedure it comes right up. So, I'm pretty certain the laser lens is at fault.

I have also read that the material used in burnable DVDs/CDs is not the same as that used in production discs. They have a much shorter lifetime, and as such susceptible to data loss.

The CD/DVD cleaner disc I used was a dry brush type from radio shack. I am wondering if others used a wet/alcohol type cleaner disc and their results.

Sorry, I didn't try to get any pics. I doubt a camera would be able to focus in on the laser lens anyway, it's a tight space.

Mark492 09-12-2012 05:09 AM

Re: How to clean Navteq laser head
You can contact with service center...

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