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rattles 09-06-2012 08:24 PM

New WK owner looking for some help
Hi guys,

so i just picked up a used 2006 GC WK Overland and wanted to say hi as well as see if anyone can help me with a couple of questions.

1) The passenger side mirror of the jeep appeared to be damaged quite a bit and while the dealer offered to assist with the repair, i wanted to know what options are available to me. instead of waiting for the a Chevy dealer (this is where i bought the car) to find out where to order the mirror from and then waiting for them to get it and figure out how to install it, i thought that maybe i can just buy a mirror or even a set and simply have them pay for it. i did find a few aftermarket power and heated mirrors but they all come in black and i am not sure how it will look on a silver jeep. is it possible to switch the mirror covers from my car to the new mirrors? do you have any recommendations on which brand i should go with?

2) are there any things that you feel a new owner should do as soon as they get a new Jeep? any special things to look for? right now the only thing that i feel i must do is replace the stupid long antenna (already ordered a shorter one) as well as replace this horrible nav system (already have a nice Kenwood nav that i will put in there)

i think that this is it for now, thanks in advance and looking forward to hanging out with you guys!

lboggs24 09-06-2012 10:32 PM

Re: New WK owner looking for some help
Cant offer advice on what brand to use for the mirror, but I would go OEM. As far as what things you should do right away, that all depends on how many miles are on it. Use this site to figure out what maintenance you should do based on how many miles are on the Overland. When I buy a used car I assume the previous owner hasn't done any of the scheduled maintenance. Might be overkill, but I like playing it safe. I'd also do a check on the brakes/suspension. Most of the maintenance stuff can be done by weekend mechanic with the right tools and the How-To section on the site covers just about everything.

As far as the mirrors go, might wanna try your luck and go to and see if you can find your mirror(s) in a junk yard in your area. Might be the cheapest most effective option.

hmmmm16417 09-11-2012 08:02 PM

Re: New WK owner looking for some help
you should also look up the tsb's and make sure they hav ebeen performed on it (technical service bulletins) - any jeep dealer should do them for free and there should be a record if your vin has had them done. when I first bought mine, I took it in for the tsb on the tranny.

congrats on the new jeep

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