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DirtyDuc83 09-08-2012 02:39 PM

Falken Rocky Mountain ATS initial impressions
Long Version: (See below for short version)

I've been searching for tires for weeks now and have had a hard time making any decisions. I wanted 275/55/20s but didn't want to deal with the speedo difference and the spare tire. I preferred the 285/50/20s but they didn't seem to be common enough to find a location with them. I convinced myself that i'd be fine with the 275/55/20s and would live with those two concerns. I decided to head over to Discount Tire and see what was available in 275/55/20. I had decided that unless they had something I really wanted, I would just walk out with a few quotes. So I asked what the chances are that they have something in a 285/50/20. He looked it up and actually had a set of Falken Rocky Mountain ATS in that size in stock. So we went back and forth a little on price and what he would give me for the stock Fortera's. I ended up walking out the door with 4 new Rocky Mountain ATS's mounted and balanced with free replacement certs for $824. A much better deal than I was expecting in the size I wanted and $24 more than I was expecting to pay for tires without the install and certs.

Short Version:
Bought Falken Rocky Mountain ATS in 285/50/20 mounted on my 20x9 SRT8 reps. Got a great deal from Discount Tire. $824 out the door. They ride extremely well on road, much better than the Forteras. They look mean as hell in that size and I only sacrifice a small amount of speedo difference and now have confidence in the tires. No more road noise than the Forteras and they handle better in the corners.

Will post pics tomorrow after I get the car washed and waxed.

1JMICHELETTI 09-19-2012 09:42 PM

Re: Falken Rocky Mountain ATS initial impressions
Pictures my man?

DirtyDuc83 09-19-2012 11:41 PM

Re: Falken Rocky Mountain ATS initial impressions
couple pics here:

I took them off road on Sunday and they did great, even on the 20s. I navigated just about everything my friend with a lifted FJ on 35s did with relative ease. The trail I was on was rocky, rutted, covered in very fine dirt and numurous steep ascents and decents. The Jeep and the tires did exceptionally well! I was a bit nervous going off road on 20s but I was impressed with how well they managed to maintain traction and keep me moving forward.

I think getting used to the sound of the jeep offroading was the most difficult part. Going from a strictly street driving in my previous car, to offroading was definitely a learning and sensory experience.

Overall i'm very happy with them.

I also just took a 300 mile trip down to Oregon for work and they were excellent on the drive. I averaged about 21 mpg on the highways with bested the EPA rating by a mpg. Quiet the whole way and rode very well at speed.

Haven't had a chance to test them in the rain but living in Seattle means I will have a long winter to do that.

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