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zmilin 09-18-2012 08:17 PM

New head unit (11 Overland)
So a few weeks ago my OEM head unit glitched and caused me to rethink the direction I wanted to with the audio upgrades.
I was going to go with a Rockford 3sixty.3. Use the OEM head unit and amp until the glitch then I started thinking "what if the OEM dies or my OEM amp dies?". Dangit!

I canceled the order for the 3sixty and ordered up a Kenwood DNX9990HD. I ordered it from Del Ray Customs (an Al&Ed shop in Marina Del Ray). He sent me a kit, ant adaptor and the correct PAC converter RP4-CH11 (
Come to find out the kit and ant adapter were wrong. No big deal, swap for teh correct stuff adn life goes on.
Kit = 95-6513B (
Ant = 40-EU10 (
One last addition was a CHYRVD ( from PAC so I could use my OEM backup cam and rear seat overhead DVD. Didn't care about the DVD but I didn't want to add an aftermarket cam yet. Bonus... the rear prox sensors still work and the lines are part of the OEM camera as well.

The install went fairly smooth. A couple oddities, some I had read about and others were new to me.
- The dash bezel needed to have two tiny plastic items trimmed off the back. They were preventing the bezel from fitting flush again.
- I knew the top of the opening needed to be trimmed but had no idea I would need t trim the bottom as well. Maybe this was because the Kenwood tilts forward as well as back and I like it forward. Bonus... trimming the bottom also made the Kenwood fit centered in the opening so no kooky gaps anywhere.
- The metal support structure for the OEM radio needed to be removed. I don't now if that was ever mentioned before. No big deal, three screws and some finagling and it came out with no issue.
- The OEM nav antenna is mounter under the dash above the OEM radio. Two plastic screws and it popped out. I mounted the new nav antenna in the same spot.
- Sat radio antenna... I tried to keep it under the dash as well but it just doesn't like it there. I moved it to the rear of the vehicle just behind the OEM antenna location. I ran the wire through the bottom of the boot for the lift gate actuator. By doing this any water will run down and not into the vehicle. I removed the OEM sat radio antenna with hopes to get it inside the housing but it wasn't real feasible.
- Wiring was straightforward but I realized the PAC adapter only uses the rear outputs of the deck. No fading front to rear. No big deal I was forewarned.
What I did not realize was that if only the rear inputs are used that I would not have any audible navigation prompts from the nag since they are sent to the front. I simply swapped front and rear outputs and walla... issue resolved.

Overall the sound is much better than the OEM deck with the same speakers and sub (Alpine 10 speaker OEM system in the Overland). The OEM system sounded pretty good for an OEM system but just having a cleaner signal source and some equalization makes a world of difference.

Still working on the right spot for the new hands free mic. The Kenwood has adjustments for Echo, Mic sensitivity and noise reduction. Its pretty good after a few adjustments so I think finding the right position will get it close to the quality of the OEM.

Ill post some pics in a few days. I needed to get it back together and out of the driveway.

Speakers, sub and amp will happen in a while. Need to recoup some funds. Ill post more as it comes together.

zmilin 09-20-2012 08:21 PM

Re: New head unit (11 Overland)
Here are some pics. If your looking for something specific let me know and Ill do what I can.

A nice view of the gap around the entire unit.

With the head unit powered on. Bad angle makes it look off at the top but its not. The bottom lip of the screen when tilted forward lines up real nice.

An idea of how much I shaved at the bottom. I removed a bit more than I needed but not too much. Gave it just enough to come down a bit for the top gap to open up a bit and allow the screen to move smoothly.
That odd angle to the left is due to a not so steady hand and not so sharp blade :(

Now for the tricky little tabs I needed to cut out...
The back view and general area of the tabs...

Thats it for now... Hope this helps someone at some point.

SMG1 09-20-2012 08:45 PM

Re: New head unit (11 Overland)
Looks good :thumbsup:

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