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philr75 09-19-2012 04:22 AM

Wheel speed sensor / Service 4WD Message Problem.
Hi, As a new member (joined last night) I have already found a load of useful information in the forums. I had a session booked with a technician to read my fault codes today (now cancelled), but last night read about the ingition switch cycling method, and it worked perfectly for my 2007 Grand Cherokee 5.7L. I had already changed the right hand front wheel speed sensor because I thought that one of the wheel speed sensors was probably the cause of the ABS,ESP,BAS lights and the "Service 4WD" message I was getting. Unluckily for me I decided to inspect and clean (if necessary) all the wheel speed sensors. The right hand front was the first I tried, and despite using lots of releasing / penetrating oil and leaving it overnight I very quickly broke that sensor in the morning whilst gently trying to get it out. It was well and truly rusted in place! Anyway, having replaced that I decided I needed to see the DTCs. After the forum help last night I got U1417, and so now need to check the left hand sensors. It's a shame the fault doesn't differentiate front from back. I wondered whether anyone had any tips for checking the sensors - is it worth rotating the wheel and looking for a signal at the sensor connector with a multimeter? Does anyone know what the sensor resistance is roughly and whether it's worth just doing a static check for sensor impedance? Maybe I just have to guess again, buy one sensor and if I'm lucky that's it, if not buy a second too (they cost nearly $100 each here)?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Madanio24 09-19-2012 06:53 AM

Re: Wheel speed sensor / Service 4WD Message Problem.
My code actually said what sensor it was coming from (Left rear speed sensor)


Resistance should not be more then 5.0 ohms

philr75 09-19-2012 11:05 AM

Re: Wheel speed sensor / Service 4WD Message Problem.
Thanks very much for the information and your helpful message. I don't have a code reader and my U1417 was just what I saw via the car's instrument pack. The resistance reading is going to be very useful, so many thanks for your help. I'll start looking tomorrow.

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