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Darth Vapor SRT 09-20-2012 07:45 PM

Break in
Whats the best way to break in a brand new v6? Dealer says just drive it like you normally will and the computer will do all the work.

Jim_in_PA 09-20-2012 08:15 PM

Re: Break in
I just drove my new Jeep like I always issues and good performance. Now if you're someone with a heavier foot, you might want to ease up for a few days just for grins...IMHO, of course, and there's no scientific basis for it. :)

Shutterbug57 09-20-2012 09:26 PM

Re: Break in
I drove mine off the showroom floor in Cincinnati and did not stop til I got to North Chicago.

armoredsaint 09-20-2012 09:28 PM

Re: Break in
redline it ;)

ChrisOC 09-20-2012 10:20 PM

Re: Break in
This is how I broke mine in, in a few easy steps.
1- Chug a beer
2- Repeat step 1
3- Start the engine
4- Keep applying pressure to the brake and step on the gas
5- Wait till it redlines, then release the break

There ya go, it's now broken in and you may be in Jail.

In all seriousness, like others have said, drive it like you normally would. Others may disagree with me on this, just stay away from redlining it for a while. Give it a week or so.

Mongoose9400 09-20-2012 10:37 PM

Drive it like you stole it, but within reason. The first 20 miles are the most crucial. There are debates back and fourth on the subject. I'm in the mindset of don't baby it. Drive it normal and push it some.

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comnjeep 09-20-2012 10:38 PM

Re: Break in
Don't drive it on cruise control for 1000 miles... You want to vary the revs, and speed, so all the gears and every part of the drivetrain can mesh at varying speeds. Drive sometimes for at least an hour to get everything hot... Don't just do short trips for 3000 miles... As far as driving hard or not, I would take it easy and change the oil at about 1-3,000 miles regardless of the manual. Use synthetic oil. No need to wait 10000 miles to change to syn, engines are made to be bedded in new these days..

All engines are made similarly these days. Some very good brands say don't rev above about 4000rpm for so long... That's easy not to do.

Also, never just start a cold engine and drive hard right away. Put the EVIC on oil temp and don't accelerate hard until oil is at least 130F. That's a good rule for any car at any age. If for no other reason than it can be hard on the oil pump - cold oil is thicker.

If there's one rule I try to follow with my cars is: don't flog a cold engine.

I'm no engine expert, but I've had 140hp/L and 500+hp engines I've treated like this with oil analysis that shows things are looking good in my engines. Oh, and by the way... I flog my engines when hot and broken-in.

Good luck, have fun.

Dan JGC 09-20-2012 10:56 PM

Re: Break in
I hadn't really ever considered this question with my 10 other new vehicles but for this GC I did. Within the first 300 miles, after being sufficiently warmed up (in Florida), I took it out on the Interstate for over an hour and would slow down then red line it for 5-10 seconds (varying speeds and RPM's too). After that, I did red line it a few more times in the first 1,000 miles. The engine at 14,000 is smooth smooth smooth without even the most minor of issues or sounds. So, maybe that did break in the engine, set the seals, etc. ... My previous vehicles I took it easy for the first 1,000 and those vehicles didn't have any problems either.

Sammzway 09-21-2012 11:07 PM

Re: Break in
Drove it like I usually drive. Picked her up with only 8 miles on the odo April, 2011. Currently has 32k miles. 0 issues except driver side seat edge wear. It's wife's daily driver.

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