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dudefromflorida 09-20-2012 09:46 PM

TCM #10 Snip- With Switch
Here is my try at the TCM snip. I wanted to put a switch on this mod.. I have had many bad experiences with transmissions. So I only want to "modify" it as little as possible, and not be a run all the time type mod. I believe it only works on the 545 transmissions. Mine is a 2004 limited with the 4.7.

Also this is my first ever post here, and just got the jeep a week ago.. Please be nice. haha

Tools Needed-

1/2 socket- to remove battery. 8mm socket- to remove the TCM wire harness. Wire stripper/crimp- obvious why this is needed. Wire ties- Keep stuff clean. Connecters- I chose to use bullet connecters and will be better stated why later. Screwdriver- To pry off a boot/seal... and pry anything else that does not want to work with you. Wire- I feel that is obvious also. Switch- I like buttons... But i guess it also serves the purpose to choose when I want to run this mod. Wire Ties- To tie wires..once again pretty obvious.

Remove battery cables-
If you are doing anything with Control Module, wires, computer, anything.. No power is good power!

Here is what the TCM looks like with the wire harness attached-

Remove the TCM wire harness and take off the cover-

There is one center bolt that holds the harness on the TCM (8mm). Once removed take the cover off of the harness (held on by 4 clips). When it is removed be sure to notice how the wire are seated and running or it will be a PAIN to squeeze it back on. You will then see on the edge little numbers written.. Find port number 10. TRUST THE PORT NUMBER NOT THE WIRE COLOR some models or years may have a different wire color just be sure it is the wire in #10.

Label the #10 wire and put the cover back on-
I used tape to mark the #10 wire. Then put the lid back on.. Might help to peel back the wire wrap a little so you have more room when you cut and crimp the wires next.

Cut the wire, and crimp on your ends-
I chose to use bullet ends... one male, and one female to make this whole thing reversible and just have the ability to just plug the wire back together. You, of course, can you whatever connection method that you would like to use.

Bring in the wire-

Two lengths of wire. I made then long enough to go from the passenger side of the engine bay to the driver side.. Plus about 4 feet (I really did not want to mess up, you can always cut wire easier than adding). One wire has a male attachment, the other female.

Connect wires and start running-
I ran the wires along the brake like against the firewall with wire tires
Wires run along the firewall from passenger side, to the driver side. Then went behind the brake booster line and into the firewall where the steering column is. This would also be a good time to screw back on your wire harness before you tie everything down.

Remove firewall grommet and feed wire through-
This is where the screwdriver comes into place. Just put the blade between the grommet and the firewall than pry back a little.. Should pop right off. then feed the wires through and attempt to push them off to the side as much as possible to help wires to clear the column. Put the grommet back on and move to the inside of the car.

Button placement-
This is not the best picture, but this is right under the steering wheel cover thing.. There was a small hole already there so I just drilled it out more to fit the switch. Hooked up the wires, and secured the button.

Connect the battery back up and go for a test drive... Enjoy

When choosing a button you can use any one that you would like. I chose a push button just because it is hard to see. Make sure if you get a button it is a push on/off, not a momentary on button... or it is worthless.

Hope this is semi decent :D

Any other questions or if i am missing something terribly please let me know..

This site rocks, cant wait to do more to the Jeep!

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