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303WK 09-21-2012 10:13 PM

Got new fan cluch and fan installed now need some help...
ok guys so here is whats up.

I just got the jeep from the reputable 4x4 shop here in denver.
I had them replace my fan clutch because it was shot and it needed to be replaced. and other stuff to but it will have to wait cuz only have money for critical repairs. as my jeep is my daily driver.

so im driving home today from the shop just this eavining and the fan is on... like on when its over 100 degrees on. so i dont think anything because it was warm out today.

so i just went to get a bite to eat and its 8pm and cool out, and the fan is still going like its 100 out. w

whats my problem???? im going to go back to the shop but they arent open till monday. so is there something I can look for or do this weekend to see if its normal???

please guys any input would be great.

And by the way how much is avrage for the fan and clutch cuz the bill says the part or parts was $280..

thanks yall... i luv this forum!!!!!!!!!

dr.lee.baugh 09-22-2012 08:35 AM

Re: Got new fan cluch and fan installed now need some help...
Not sure why it is staying on.

I do believe that the 4.7s run the fan at full speed right at start-up for a few minutes. Did you check it after it had been running for a couple of minutes (but still cool)?

In any event, depending on what parts they put in, it seems a little high. You can buy a whole fan assembly for ~85, and then the fan clutch will can be had for ~50 if you go with all after-market prices. I would expect dealer parts would be closer to what you paid.

303WK 09-22-2012 10:02 AM

It sound like its high.... Andy fan still comes on right when I start the jeep, and says on like it's 100 degrees out.... Wtf!!!!!!! It sucks the shop is closed on weekends.... I Don't know what they could have done wrong...

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