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comnjeep 09-23-2012 10:00 PM

magnetic drain plug results- good news
I put the Dorman mag drain plug on last oil change and just changed oil again. Dorman magnetic #65216. This is not really a recommended use for this plug ( I think only because their website is outdated)..

2012 V8 wk2 overland; about 6000 interval miles on it with purolator pure 1 filter and mobil 1 5w-20 in it.. 11,400 miles on car.. Took long trip to colorado mountains, otherwise mostly city driving short trips. Added 1/2 qt interval add..

The mag drain plug had virtually no metal on it. I was shocked. It was the third oil change (700, 5000, then this one). I have a C6Z06 I track and drive harder of course, but use similar oil and filter.. Both drain plugs on that have a button of metal filings on them (despite good oil analysis results) each oil change..

Also, I torqued it to 25ft-lbs and it was a bit looser than that when removed (maybe 15-20). Not sure why.

In short I'm not sure I'd recommend that plug because:

1) it seems unnecessary (in my case)
2) it may not quite fit (but the threads are a perfect match)..

I did reinstall it and checked the torque again and will do so from time to time.

Hope this helps someone.

PS, I do wonder if there is a cover for the gap for the oil drain hole in the plastic under-pan.. Salt spray will get in there all winter if not. I'd buy something if I can, or will make something if needed. I also wonder how hard it is to change the oil with the OEM skid plates I'm considering in the V8.

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